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Rational sparesAC Services Southern is an authorised Service Partner of both Rational Ovens and Frima vario-cooking centres. It is the preferred Service Partner for the South West of England and South Wales covering a region which ranges from Oxfordshire to Dorset and Swansea to Devon.

It services and maintains a vast range of different Rational and Frima from the very newest models of the self-cooking center and combi-master to some that are over 20 years old.

All are still running effectively and rarely have unplanned down time. This is due in part to the regular service plans and maintenance schedules arranged by AC Services. But it is also because when a breakdown happens, we keep virtually all parts in stock to be able fix the issue quickly. For this reason we are also an authorised Rational Spares Partner making those parts available to other service companies.

Authorised Rational Spares Partner

AC Services Southern is an authorised Rational Spares Partner able to supply third parties- owners or repairers- nationally with genuine Rational parts to fix or install their oven(s). This can be particularly useful where someone has a second-hand or older oven and is in need of a particular part. Or if the maintenance or installation contract is undertaken by another company across a broad range of catering machines and no direct service contract with AC Services is appropriate.

Our aim is to ensure that the owner gets the performance they need from their Rational oven quickly and consistently.

To find the Rational part you need please call the team on 01454 322 222. We can then check our new part stock, confirm availability and quote you a price for the part to help you repair or install your oven. And then arrange its delivery to you as soon as it is needed.

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    If you own a Rational oven in South, South West England and South Wales, A C Services Southern is the local cost effective provider of all your Rational oven service needs.

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