A Nightmare Christmas Ode

AC Services keeping chefs using Rational ovens happy


As Christmas is at the end of the week, we’ve allowed the writer of our news a week off from the show reports, the case studies of our customers, the industry news, Rational ovens tips, suggested events and alternative food sourcing.

So with those in mind like AC Services, who are still working hard to deliver the season’s celebrations, she has written the following fun ode to hopefully bring a smile back to those who are flagging.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and throughout the land
Every oven from Rational was taking a stand.
Turkeys and geese were about to start squealing
And the vegetable mountains were in dire need of peeling.

“Enough is enough” said the leading head oven
We’ve been working all year and see what we’ve proven…
Perfect roasting and boiling and flawless menus
From small little cafes to top class venues.

But we’re knackered and worn out and we want a break too
So you cooks of the land, it’s your turn to stew!”
What a dilemma in kitchens across the land
Whose Xmas depended on Rational’s hand.

But our heroes stepped up at AC Services Southern
And without a thought for themselves, they approached every oven.
A tweak here, a twist there, and some TLC from the team
And the Rational ovens were restored to full steam.

The moral of the tale is take care of your appliance
Or face the consequence of their ill-timed defiance.
Simply call us or email or use the website
For a last minute service to avoid the plight
Of an undercooked turkey, or an overdone starter…
Happy Christmas from Rational’s foremost service partner!

All the staff at AC Services Southern wish everyone in pubs, restaurants, hotels, food service, schools, colleges and catering establishments in South West England and South Wales a Happy stress-free Christmas and a Prosperous 2016.

Published Date: 22nd December 2015
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