AC Services (Southern) provide Rational Ovens Servicing that is Guaranteed to Put a Smile on Your Face

AC Services (Southern) have a name to live up to; that name being to do with the fact that it contains the word “service”. As far as ACS are concerned, their name works on two levels. Firstly it describes the nature of their business; the fact that they provide the facility of attending site to service, maintain, or repair the professional range of ovens made by leading European oven manufacturer Rational. Secondly, it describes their business ethic – “service” – something that we all hope to receive when we deal with any supplier. And it has to be said that AC Services (Southern) really do exemplify what first class service is all about.

Of course, it’s only natural that AC Services (Southern) themselves would wish to portray that image, but when it is their customers themselves who are the parties wishing to promote it, you can be sure that it stands for something quite real. Take Mr Khan, franchise owner of 3 highly successful Roosters Piri-Piri restaurants in the Reading area for example.

Roosters Piri-Piri are the new kids on the block in the High Street fast food industry – but fast food with a difference! They serve a variety of delicious, fresh cooked meat and chicken dishes, (plus a fabulous range of fresh salads) that have influences from the great street cuisines of the world. They rely entirely on their state of the art ovens, manufactured by top European oven manufacturer, Rational, to cook their scrumptious dishes, so oven performance and reliability is absolutely key.

When asked “Why do you use AC Services (Southern) to maintain your Rational ovens in tip-top working order?” he enthused, “Because they are simply the best!” He went on to explain that he had been using Rational ovens in his restaurants for many years, but sad to say, the people he previously used to maintain them, left much to be desired. Response times are everything when you’re running a busy, popular, fast food outlet that relies on the quality of its oven performance to deliver a great taste experience. If the ovens are not working at peak performance all of the time, clients will take their business elsewhere.

But during the past 2 years, since Mr Khan has entrusted AC Services (Southern) with his oven upkeep, things have improved beyond compare. “Not only have we now achieved minimum down time, but the customer service, and the way that ACS respond to our needs just couldn’t be better!” I would be more than happy to recommend ACS’s services to any of my peers within the trade”, he beamed.

High praise indeed, and music to the ears of Helen Hagger, director of AC Services (Southern) Ltd. Mr Khan said that whether it was Helen herself who answered the phone, or Carolyn or Vicky in the main office, the response could always be relied upon. Not only that, but the knowledge and experience that the installation/maintenance/service engineers bring with them is totally invaluable Mr Khan went on to say.

AC Services (Southern) have only been trading since 1990, but in the 22 years of their existence to date, they have built up an enviable reputation here in the South and Southwest. With such enthusiastic clients as Mr Khan, they’re going to be around for an awful lot longer, supplying the very best in customer service to anyone in their catchment area who usies Rational ovens in their kitchens! If you’re not yet using ACS to keep your Rational Ovens operating at peak performance, perhaps it’s about time you switched?

Published Date: 13th June 2012
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