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Theme Park RollercoasterLet’s face it, we all love visiting places in the UK. Whether it’s a stately home, a theme park or a museum, there is always somewhere to go, with over 1500 venues listed as attractions throughout the country.

And according to that well-known publication, the annual TEA/AECOM Theme Index and Museum Index , business is booming! Attractions reported a 5% annual increase in total visits in 2013, the joint largest year-on-year increase since 2002.

The top theme park attractions, Alton Towers being the most popular, up 4.2% in 2013 from the previous year, and Chessington World of Adventures, up 15.4%, dominate the market with Legoland Windsor (up 2.5%) and Thorpe Park (up 11.1%).

Bear in mind however, that the previous year was 2012 and we all know what event dominated the UK in that year, causing a drop in the numbers of visitors to other places!

Jodie Lock, Senior Analyst Economics (Europe), said: “Key drivers behind this are the transformation of standalone theme parks into destination resorts, continued capital investment in new attractions and the exploitation of synergies between attractions.

There are literally thousands of attractions in the UK apart from the big names: it’s heart warming to see that nearly 2,000 people visited the Whipple Museum of the History of Science. Whatever the venue, there is one thing in common . . . catering! If you go for a day out, then you want to eat and there is a proliferation of fast food outlets and restaurants at most attractions vying to take your money.

Catering Corps

Catering is big business but catering for attractions and theme parks lends itself to many problems. Nowadays, fast food outlets are regulated by a proliferation of legislation and if standards are unacceptable they can be closed down. Health inspectors are prone to spot checks and come down heavily on hazards, such as raw meats not being cooked to the correct temperatures.

The turnover of food on a busy summer’s day at the top attractions is staggering: and if the oven appliance isn’t up to the job, or underperforms or malfunctions, then these catering establishments are in big trouble. Also, a lot of attractions employ temporary staff throughout the busy season, and not every employee in a kitchen environment is fully aware of things that could go wrong.

By ensuring that your kitchen and in particular, the kitchen ovens are up to the job, then it is essential that maintenance and repairs where necessary must be carried out immediately to prevent any potential hazard to the public.

We are now in the time period where a lot of attractions close for the winter and this is a perfect opportunity for catering establishments to literally get their kitchens in order,” comments Helen Hagger from AC Services (Southern), a company that regularly maintains fast food restaurants’ Rational ovens.

“Our recommendation is that all oven appliances should be serviced during this down time, and thoroughly checked by a company such as ours to ensure no nasty surprises when the season starts up again.”

If you want your Rational oven checked, call AC Services (Southern) on 01454 322 222.

Published Date: 4th November 2014
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