Bargain Rational Oven Accessories for 2014

If you’re trying to think of ways to spice up your menus this year, add some variety or introduce a completely new line, check out the range of approved Rational oven accessories which can endow your ovens with some extraordinary capabilities. And this is an especially good time to be looking because if you quote News Promotion when you order, we’ll take 10% off the price if you order before 28th February 2014

So, what’s so clever about Rational’s accessories? Well the secret lies in the way that Rational have designed them to integrate with the oven’s hardware and software to extend not just the range of foods that can be cooked, but the speed and the quantity.

Here are just some examples of what can be achieved with the right accessories:
The GriddleGrid gives you a perfect grilling pattern on pan fried food, fish and vegetables. Just use the GriddleGrids in place of regular shelves and pop on those steaks or sea bass and let the oven do the rest.


There’s nothing like the succulent meat of a freshly roast chicken or duck but they’re either going to take up lots of oven space or you’ll need to use a separate spit roaster. But, grab yourself some of Rational’s patented Superspikes and you’ll be able to roast up to eight birds on one rack knowing that they’ll all have perfectly crispy skin and succulent meat.

There are special racks that will bake beautiful potatoes or sweetcorn in half the time of a conventional oven and without the need for foil; there are muffin and timbale moulds and pizza dishes that mean you can bake up to 100 pizzas at a time. The dishes are just loaded onto a mobile plate rack, which is slotted into the Rational oven and using the “Finishing” program, they are cooked to crispy perfection in just ten minutes.

Baking perfection

If baking is your thing, then you’ll soon discover that a Rational oven has a flair for turning out bread, rolls, cakes, muffins and tarts that would leave Paul Hollywood speechless. By combining special baking trays from the Rational range with the unique baking grid shelves and mobile racks, you can quickly turn your oven into a baking power house.

Rational Ovens have another trick up their sleeve. If you are catering for functions, the Rational Finishing –System allows you to pre-prepare dishes in volume and store them on mobile plate racks until you are ready for service. The rack is just wheeled into the oven and the Finishing-System program will complete the cooking in just minutes. Add a Rational Thermocover to your plate rack and even hot food can be parked for up to 20 minutes.


The Rational range of accessories really can transform the capabilities of your oven – from basic cabinets and trolleys to extractor hoods and special racks for roasting ribs or grilling skewers or even spit-roasting a whole suckling pig or lamb, the choice is yours.

If you want to find out more, you can download the Rational accessory list here, or just call or email us and we’ll send one to you. And don’t forget to quote this News Promotion to get 10% off the price for orders before the end of February 2014. 

Published Date: 21st January 2014
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