Cool Runnings, The Sequel?

Sochi OlympicsAs a large part of Great Britain struggles with storms and flooding, having something to take our minds off the consistent rain is not only welcome, it is essential!

And the Winter Olympics are the ideal solution. As I write, Team GB has already achieved two medals – one gold, one bronze – at the Games and the hope is that there are more to come.

Here’s a fact. The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics  (officially the XXII Olympic Winter Games), are the first Olympics to be held in Russia … and before you mention Moscow, let it be known that the the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow were actually in the Soviet Union.

Head Held High

This year, Team GB has a 56-strong competitor base, with high hopes of medals. However, media and public attention has focused upon one team, a team that is a true underdog in a sport dominated by only a handful of snow-laden countries. Of course, it’s the Jamaican bobsleigh team. Imagine having to live up to the legacy of their predecessors, immortalised in the film, Cool Runnings, where a team that was ridiculed and jeered by everyone, ended up walking through the finish line with both their sled and their heads held high?

And now they are back at last, 26 years on, with a new team but one that is following in the footsteps of the original four: in last place and with no real hope but with the support of everyone behind them. 46 year-old Jamaican bobsleigh competitor, Winston Watts has a name made for glory: sadly his only recognition so far by the press was when his visor flew up at the start. But like Eddie the Eagle, these are people that we love to watch and will to succeed.

Beat the Floods

In this country, we take our sporting events very seriously, and watching the Olympics in a pub with friends over a beer or two and a good meal is part of the viewing regime. What better way to spend a wet and windy day than watching the brutality of the ice hockey team or the power of the biathlon athletes?

And speaking of rain, pubs and bars are doing a sterling job throughout the country to remain operative. And this is where we have to mention AC Services. The flooding has been Biblical (according to some) and water ingress into an establishment can be long lasting and damaging. The South, South West of England and the South of Wales are particularly badly hit. Don’t take a chance on you Rational oven being unaffected. If you give us a call, we can come and check it out. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

Published Date: 18th February 2014
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