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Summer events catering 2015So with the General Election now over, we know who will be running the country. Whatever your political bent, we now have parties at the time of writing this without a leader, so what better way to take advantage of this anarchy than to look for an event to go to!

There’s no doubt that looking forward to something pumps up those endorphins and let’s face it everyone loves a good event.

Prior to the election, there was some worry about the future of the hospitality and tourism industry, with some industry bosses “fearing that ‘rash’ policies put in place by any incoming government could ‘spook’ consumers in to spending less.” But seeing as that’s no longer a worry, then we say, bring on the summer festivals, music and outdoor events.

Ufi Ibrahim, chief executive of the British Hospitality Association said: “The incoming government needs to step up to the plate and effectively serve our three million strong workforce. Ensuring a conducive policy environment to support the hospitality and tourism industry is not ‘rocket science’.

Bring on the Festivities

The summer of 2015 brings only one big sporting event: the Rugby World Cup. This brings seven matches to Gloucester and Exeter in September and October, but otherwise there is no summer football, no summer athletics, no summer Olympics just tennis and horse trials. It’s one of those odd years, so there is no excuse why you don’t drag the family or the other half out for something different.

So what’s going on in the south and southwest that will be of interest? There are myriad events going on that you can attend, whether it’s music, drama, exhibitions but they all have one thing in common. The catering corps will be out in force. With thousands of major events held every year, from the big Glastonbury and Reading festivals to the smaller folk festivals. Now imagine the catering that goes into that.

One of the biggest local events is Grillstock Bristol on 11th July 2015, the UK’s biggest BBQ festival which features amongst other things, ‘King of the Grill’, a huge two-day US style ‘low and slow’ BBQ competition with 24 teams battling it out over the smoky coals.

Slightly earlier is the Somerset Cheese, Cider and Moozic festival  on 19th-21st June 2015 showcasing the best of Somerset food and drink in a town centre location. While the Devizes Food and Drink Festival  is just next week on 16th to 24th May 2015 with a market fair with the focus firmly on the best of local produce.

And those are just the obvious catering-related events but why not look wider.  For example, after all the events this weekend for VE commemorations, what’s happening for VJ Day on 15th August as a one-off this year?

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Published Date: 12th May 2015
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