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Events Industrey Big and SmallAccording to a recent report issued by the Government, the UK is a world leader in the events industry.

Whether it is the Olympics and Paralympics in 2012, the Commonwealth Games, or other cultural and entertainment, such as exhibitions, trade fairs and other hospitality, the industry contributes billions to the UK economy.

The Government has announced that the UK’s events industry can play a significant part in helping increase exports by 2020, as part of the 2020 Export Drive.

There is no doubt that events are instrumental in enhancing the economy: the UK met a four year target to raise £11 billion worth of economic benefit from the 2012 Olympic Games in just one year through businesses securing new contracts, sales and foreign investment, generated by the London Games.

2016 Events

2016 offers a wealth of opportunities for catering companies, with the Queen’s Birthday top of the list of national celebrations this year, followed closely by the European Football competition and the Olympics.

The fact that major events are not being held within the UK is of no consequence: any good event planner will take advantage of the appeal of these events and provide a venue for people to gather and watch communally. Major international events mean more money spent in the local economy whilst the event is taking place.

But it is not just the larger events that count. There has been a growth in small and medium-sized public events with fewer people holidaying abroad, leading to an increase in spend on UK leisure such as festivals, more and more of which have popped up over the past few years.

As Melanie Woodward, Founder of Event Planning Blueprint says: “Moving away from off-the-shelf events, planners are looking to create more customised and experiential events for their clients. It’s all about connection and unique experiences in 2016 . . . pop culture continues to be in vogue and millennials that are entering the industry, are bringing fresh, new advancements for connection that go beyond technology and more towards inclusion and purpose driven events. But that also engages and excites event attendees at the push of a button.

More Events, More Opportunities

People are becoming bolder with the types of events being staged: chefs are running their own pop-up restaurants and supper clubs; craft enthusiasts are holding weekend workshops; and it is now common for business leaders to stage their own conferences or training sessions.

For those in catering, the opportunities are there for the picking but they need to have the backing of reliable and trustworthy equipment. Catering en masse at a music festival, for example, or a corporate event will only be successful as long as the oven is working constantly and consistently.

If you want to plan for your event, then contact us at AC Services (Southern) and see how our company has helped numerous small, medium and large companies improve their output with products from the Rational range and ensured their equipment is well-maintained so their events went profitably.

Published Date: 12th April 2016
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