Happy Birthday Rational AG from AC Services (Southern)

All of us here at AC Services (Southern) would like to wish a huge Happy Birthday to our partner, Rational AG, who are celebrating 40 years since their founder turned an idea into a product that has transformed professional kitchens across the world. We have been repairing and maintaining commercial catering equipment since 1990, but their story starts long before AC Services (Southern) was even dreamt of.

In the early 1970s a German electrical engineer started to experiment with an idea he had for speeding up cooking processes in commercial kitchens. The hot air technology he developed was so revolutionary, that from 1973, Rational ovens quickly started to appear in some of the leading kitchens in Germany, replacing conventional ovens. Three years later, he patented a technique to combine hot air with steam, a development which eventually led to today’s amazing Rational self-cooking centres which are now found in professional kitchens everywhere, from Michelin starred restaurants to fast-food chains and even prisons.

Intelligent Control

The top of the range SCC whitefficiency® ovens virtually think for themselves, allowing busy chefs to cook up to 30% more food, knowing it will all turn out exactly as specified. An intelligent control system constantly monitors and adjusts the cooking process for each rack ensuring perfect results every time from steamed vegetables to braised steaks, baked croissants and fresh pasta.

By 1999, AC Services (Southern) had built up a mass of knowledge and experience of maintaining professional cooking appliances but we were so impressed with Rational’s products and their approach to quality and support that we decided to focus exclusively on the German company’s ovens.

Today AC Services (Southern) looks after Rational cooking centres in professional kitchens across South and South West England and South Wales. Our team of highly qualified service engineers, like the rest of the company, is trained, certified and audited by Rational and backed by comprehensive technical support, enabling us to provide a guaranteed service even on early Rational Classic models.

40 years on from the production of his first commercial hot air oven, Siegfried Meister is still very much involved as Chairman of Rational’s Supervisory Board and still committed to innovation, excellence in design and constant improvements in customer benefits.

Published Date: 25th March 2013
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