IFSIP launched as restaurants expand

IFSiP logoIt seems that restaurants are gaining increasing popularity again as some kind of economic stability finally returns to the UK.

With the holiday season now upon us, more and more of us will be considering dining out and restaurants and eateries have to step up a gear to compete in what is a pretty competitive market.

And they need to compete safely without cheating.

Import or Export, Why Not Both?

We all have our preferences and in the UK, we have a wealth of choice from Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese and so many more and interestingly, we are now exporting our culinary talents, in particular to the Asian market.

Last year, the UK exported £1.8 billion worth of food and drink to Asia and this is expected to increase as Dominic Jermey, Chief Executive of UKTI, said:

It is clear the Asian palate is not only accustomed to, but is now demanding British cuisine. This has led to a sharp rise in British chefs exporting their services to the market, with top British chefs like Gordon (Ramsay) announcing the opening of their restaurants in Asia over the next year.

What this goes to show is that we have a talent for food that other countries want. The aim is to capitalise on this and improve standards even further. Yesterday saw the launch of the Institute of Food Safety at House of Commons. The new membership organisation, in full, the Institute of Food Safety, Integrity and Protection (IFSIP) aims to allow different organisations to work together and give professional support to all those throughout the food industry.

Crime and Punishment

It’s first task, according to media reports is to tackle food fraud and food crime. If like me you can’t conjure up any images of what that actually involves, read what Professor Chris Elliott, Chair of the Advisory Board, said:

Never have I thought in my professional career that there is a greater need and opportunity to develop partnerships between those four million people who work in the food industry, partnerships between the people who work for regulatory authorities in government to come together to work even harder to ensure that the food supply system for every citizen on these islands is safe wholesome and authentic.’

Mind still blank? Think horsemeat. Ah, there it is! But other recent examples of heinous food crime include:
• Pig’s anus masquerading as calamari
• Puffer fish pretending to be monkfish
• Urea-adulterated milk
• Sparkling wine passed off as champagne
• Sourdough roll using road salt (!) for sea salt.

What this means effectively is that there will be more focus on authenticity and care throughout the food supply chain.

And with this focus on standards comes the warning of cooking apparatus. It’s a cliché but if your equipment isn’t up to scratch, then neither is your food. Just take time out this summer to check over your Rational equipment; better still call AC Services (Southern) and let us do it for you.

Published Date: 8th July 2014
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