Improving the Farmer’s Market

Farmer's market and shopThe recent adverse weather conditions have not been kind to the farming community. In fact, the floods and gales particularly in the South and South West farming community, have caused as yet unknown damage to what is notoriously a fluctuating industry.

Weathering the Storms

However, farmers have quite literally weathered worst storms in the past, and more and more farmers are diversifying to make more of their assets. Farmer’s markets or farm shops have always been a popular outlet, with farmers making the most of their crops to sell on site.

The public like nothing better than to browse a farmer’s market and purchase organic, healthy food, and many working farms have marketed themselves as tourist attractions. What better way to enjoy the countryside on a Sunday afternoon? And if the farm is able to provide home cooked, wholesome food, that’s a Sunday afternoon out with the family taken care of!

Changes to Planning Permission

An increasing number of farms are taking advantage of the new regulations (Changes to Permitted Development Rights)  which came into effect last May. These offer an easier process for changing the use of buildings in England according to Farmers Weekly. This allows the change of use of small farm buildings (with a floor space of up to 500sq m, in sole agricultural use as of 3 July 2013) in England without formal approval and opens up a new opportunity for farmers to diversify with less red tape.

Farm Diversification

This has huge potential for farm owners to convert farm buildings into shops, restaurants and cafes without detailed planning permission being needed and opens up new opportunities for catering.

Once the infrastructure is in place, then the choice of equipment is important. The oven, in particular, is a major investment and getting the right appliance from the start can ensure reliable profits in the future. Rational ovens are renowned for their performance and reliability. These whitefficiency® SelfCookingCenters® clean themselves, and monitor their own health and safety programs.

For those with farms in the South West, South and South Wales, once the oven is bought why not back it up with the ongoing support packages available from installer, AC Services.

We have seen unprecedented weather conditions in the past two months, that have affected the rural communities adversely, but with regulations relaxing on planning permission, opportunities are there for diversification within the farming industry. Installing a Rational oven is the best investment on the road for those with the foresight towards expanding their farming potentials with a farmer’s market and cafe-deli.

Published Date: 18th March 2014
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