It’s Coming Home, the World Cup’s coming home?

fifa-2014-world-cup-brazil (600x450)It’s finally here, the four-year wait is over and nation expects. And hopes and prays. Yes, it’s the FIFA World Cup and the country will soon unfurl the flags and sign in for a record number of sickies.

Brazil hosts the 2014 tournament, at a record high cost of $576 million. So here are a few facts so that when you are sitting in the pub with your mates, you can appear knowledgeable:

• Only eight different national teams have won the World Cup
• Brazil have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament.
• The other winners are Italy (four); Germany (three); Argentina and Uruguay (two); and England, France, and Spain (one)
• The FIFA World Cup is the world’s most widely viewed sporting event
• In 2010 in South Africa more than three quarters of a million litres of beer were sold in the stadiums and 390,600 hot dogs were sold
• The next two World Cups will be held in Russia in 2018, and Qatar in 2022 (although don’t book your flights yet for this one!)

However, my all time favourite World Cup urban myth is about Norman Whiteside, the youngest ever player at a World Cup at just 17 years, one month and 10 days. 1982 was the year, he played for Northern Ireland and the tournament was held in Spain. When he got home, he was subsequently grounded for a week by his mother for failing to let her know the minute he touched down safely in Madrid!

Many of us at AC Services (Southern) are eagerly awaiting the start of the tournament. And although we always respond quickly to any Rational oven emergency, how about getting your oven serviced now? We would hate for anything to go amiss in the middle of a vital match! So check out the timetable below and be prepared.

World Cup Match Timetable:

Group stages

12 June: Brazil v Croatia (A)

13 June: Mexico v Cameroon (A); Spain v Netherlands (B); Chile v Australia (B)

14 June: Colombia v Greece (C); Uruguay v Costa Rica (D); England v Italy (D)

15 June: Côte d’Ivoire v Japan (C); Switzerland v Ecuador (E); France v Honduras (E); Argentina v Bosnia and Herzegovina (F)

16 June: Iran v Nigeria (F); Germany v Portugal (G); Ghana v USA (G)

17 June: Brazil v Mexico (A); Belgium v Algeria (H); Russia v South Korea (H)

18 June: Cameroon v Croatia (A); Australia v Netherlands (B); Spain v Chile (B)

19 June: Colombia v Côte d’Ivoire (C); Japan v Greece (C); Uruguay v England (D)

20 June: Italy v Costa Rica (D); Switzerland v France (E); Honduras v Ecuador (E)

21 June: Argentina v Iran (F); Nigeria v Bosnia and Herzegovina (F); Germany v Ghana (F)

22 June: USA v Portugal (G); Belgium v Russia (H); South Korea v Algeria (H)

23 June: Cameroon v Brazil (A); Croatia v Mexico (A); Australia v Spain (B); Netherlands v Chile (B)

24 June: Greece v Côte d’Ivoire (C); Japan v Colombia (C); Costa Rica v England (D); Italy v Uruguay (D)

25 June: Ecuador v France (E); Honduras v Switzerland (E); Bosnia and Herzegovina v Iran (F); Nigeria v Argentina (F)

26 June: Portugal v Ghana (G); USA v Germany (G); Algeria v Russia (H); South Korea v Belgium

Knockout stages

Saturday 28 June: Group A Winner v Group B Second Place; Group C Winner v Group D Second Place

Sunday 29 June: Group B Winner v Group A Second Place; Group D Winner v Group C Second Place

Monday 30 June: Group E Winner v Group F Second Place; Group G Winner v Group H Second Place

Tuesday 1 July: Group F Winner v Group E Second Place; Group H Winner v Group G Second Place

Friday 4 July: Quarter-Finalist 5 v Quarter-Finalist 6; Quarter-Finalist 1 Quarter-Finalist 1 v Quarter-Finalist 2

Saturday 5 July: Quarter-Finalist 7 v Quarter-Finalist; Quarter-Finalist 3 v Quarter-Finalist 4

Tuesday 8 July: Winner Quarter-Final 1 v Winner Quarter-Final 2

Wednesday 9 July: Winner Quarter-Final 3 v Winner Quarter-Final 4

Saturday 12 July: Semi-Final 1 Loser v Semi-Final 2 Loser

Sunday 13 July: The Final

And who knows maybe the World Cup will come home on July 14th!

Published Date: 10th June 2014
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