Mass Catering Kitchens – A Natural Habitat for Rational Ovens

Mass catering Rational ovens

Let’s be honest, oven maintenance is not the most glamorous of jobs. You might think we’d only get excited about our work when we get to maintain a Rational oven in a celebrity restaurant and maybe catch a glimpse of a famous TV chef across the pass. But that’s not what turns us on professionally. Top restaurants are demanding, of course, but their kitchens are not subjected to the same kind of stresses, day-in, day-out, as a mass catering operation.

Kitchens in schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, conference centres, theme parks, military bases and even prisons cater for hundreds, sometimes thousands of diners every day, often three times a day, 365 days a year. The cuisine may not come close to the fine-dining standards of Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, but the quality of food today is higher than ever and expectations keep rising.

Hungry people

A mass-catering kitchen places exceptional demands on ovens in particular and it’s our job to make sure they keep cooking. Believe me, there’s not much room for excuses when you have several hundred hungry people clamouring for their dinner. Our job is to make sure that the Rational ovens we look after work every time… and if there is a failure, to get there as quickly as possible. Our engineers are individually trained by Rational themselves, so they can get to the cause of a failure quickly. And because we have been maintaining Rational ovens for 14 years, we know what parts to stock so that we can achieve a fix first time.

Rational ovens are widely used for mass catering applications not just because of their reliability but their unique capabilities too. Rational’s latest SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® can grill steaks, roast chickens, steam vegetables, bake light and crispy croissants and even cook perfect pasta all at the same time. Once the chef has set the end result he wants, he can forget about the food until it’s ready and be sure of consistent results every time.

Food safety

Mass-catering is not just about cooking – it also means adhering to strict standards of food safety. A Rational oven knows when it needs cleaning and does so automatically, once the correct tablets are inserted, to fit the kitchen’s schedule. It is also programmed to implement the HACCP food safety system, automatically controlling the oven to ensure that it works within approved limits and keeping a log which can be downloaded for reporting.

If you’re catering for the masses, a Rational oven is a natural choice. Combine that with a regular maintenance contract from an approved Rational Service Partner like AC Services, and you’ll be ready to feed the five thousand this day and every day. And you’ll keep us happy too!

Published Date: 13th May 2013
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