NEC Hospitality Show – Informing and Entertaining the Hospitality Industry

Hospitaltiy - Image of table settingIt took more than a little sprinkling of snow and ice to keep visitors from attending the NEC Hospitality Show in January earlier this year. It is the biggest Foodservice and hospitality exhibition held in here in the UK and the exhibitors were rewarded by visitors turning up in their thousands. The Hospitality Shows are the Foodservice trade’s most important shows of the year. They are held bi-annually and the first was held on the 21st to the 23rd of January. It was a great way to kick off the New Year.

Simply the Best

The fact that this show is recognised as being the biggest platform the industry has to display its wares, was born out by the over 350 exhibitors who took part. They represented a wide cross section of the Foodservice industry, including:

• Food and drink
• Catering products and equipment
• Interior decor and design
• Tableware
• The latest cutting edge technology

As its name suggests, the NEC Hospitality Show is geared towards expressing all that is best about the art and industry of hospitality. As well as being a springboard for selling products and services, the show aims to give every visitor something to be able to take away with them – be it a problem solved, or a new fashion to introduce into their business; or maybe meeting a new contractor that will help their businesses to run more smoothly and efficiently.

Salon Culinaire Shines at the NEC Hospitality Show

The NEC Hospitality show does more than just showcase new products and services, it also entertains and involves. The entertainment comes in the form of Salon Culinaire, a world class cookery competition that tests the skills of professional chefs. As well as giving visitors the chance to sample a fine dining experience, as teams of chefs from all over the UK battled for supremacy, Salon Culinaire also laid on a series of master classes. This year these included:

• The Alaska seafood challenge
• The New Zealand lamb challenge
• The Major International Soup & Sauce Challenge
• The Rational Seasonal Menus Master Class

The NEC Hospitality Show promotes Food Hygiene

Salon Culinaire also promotes food hygiene via La Parade des Chefs which focussed on food safety over the 3 days that the NEC Hospitality Show ran. This year’s pride of first place went to team Elior from the House of Commons. Over the course of the show they prepared and served 100 covers per day, parading their top HACCP skills to become worthy winners.

Rational – Cook Quality Food En-Masse

As well as providing one of the master classes, world leading oven manufacturer Rational put on one of the best exhibitions of the NEC Hospitality Show on Stand 511. The idea was to portray a day’s cooking in a professional kitchen, showcasing the capabilities of one of their SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency combi-steamers. It went down an absolute treat, especially when visitors were able to tuck into some of the great food it cooked. From beautifully warmed buttery French croissants and breakfast grills in the morning, to steaks, pizzas, and veggie specials at lunchtime, through to lovely warm, fluffy muffins to accompany afternoon tea. It was a stunning and tasty display of quality, versatile cooking by the latest state of the art oven from the Rational stable.

AC Services (Southern), one of the top service providers to Rational, were particularly proud of how Rational’s contributions to the NEC Hospitality Show were received. As a performer at this year’s NEC Hospitality Show the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency combi-steamer really achieved its goal and is sure to entice more new clients which is good, both for Rational’s business, and ACS’s too.

Published Date: 11th February 2013
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