Never a dull day for an AC Services Engineer

AC Services EngineerIt’s not a glamorous life, that of an AC Services engineer. But it is a busy one and one that is never the same day by day.

AC Services has a dedicated helpline for problems, day and night. Phones at the company are switched to night service at 5.15 pm which means that if a customer rings after this time they can either leave message or ring another mobile number which goes through to help. This is not only a useful service but a necessary one: restaurants and eateries often don’t realise they have a problem with their Rational oven until they come to work in the evening!

Helen Hagger, MD of the company took a typical call. “At 11.08 pm my mobile rang and I didn’t get to it quick enough so a voice mail was left. It was the Dundry Inn, one of our customers. It seems he had a problem!

The calamity involved the three phased power system supplied by Western Power Distribution failing so that all the power went in the kitchen and most of the pub. The Rational oven which was on in service went off. The oven was needed the next day so urgent action was required.

Helen contacted David, took the serial number of the CPC electric oven, and said the power cut had probably tripped something in the oven, which would need to be reset once the oven had been checked over.

And that’s where AC Services engineer Kev came in. He had already attended a 9 am call in Horfield near Bristol where a Rational was leaking. One fitted door gasket and a faulty loud speaker replaced, and he was ready to go to the Dundry Inn. Thirty minutes later he arrived and found the oven had tripped out on the fan motor overload so it was a relatively simple job to reset the trip switch and electrically check the fan motor to ensure no further damage had occurred.

Rational Engineer

According to Kev, there’s never a dull day. “Starting each day as an engineer for AC Services you are never quite sure as to what you will encounter, from reactive repairs, planned maintenance to unit installations. No two days are ever the same.

Arriving at a customer’s premises with a fully stocked van and drawing on years of experience, being able to provide quality service to our customers, meaning minimum down time of their Rational units, gives me a great sense of pride and satisfaction.

A quick stop for a bite of lunch and Kev continued to his next job – from Bristol to Bath to Gloucester and beyond AC Services engineers help and assist on a daily basis. So if you need help with your Rational appliance, then contact us. We can’t guarantee Kev, but any one of our fully trained and experienced engineers can assist!

Happy Customers

The final word comes from owner/chef, David at the Dundry Inn: “Kevin very quickly diagnosed that the machine had protected itself from running on only two phases instead of three. He quickly reset the protection system and we were up and running by 11am. What a relief as we had a table of eight booked for lunch which was a 60th wedding anniversary, amongst others.”

Helen, Kelly and Kevin from AC Services acted, promptly, professionally, and understood the urgency of our situation. I would recommend AC Services to anyone looking either to purchase, lease, service or have emergency call out for their Rational appliance. Thank you team for allowing us to open the next day!”

Published Date: 28th July 2015
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