Rational Ovens Christmas Countdown

Rational Oven busy serviceAs you read this, there is less than 120 days before Christmas. Yes, that annual season of expense, more expense and Advocaat hangovers is creeping up. For many in the catering businesses, one of the busiest and fraught times of the year.

I wish I was one of those people who plan in advance and buy presents and Christmassy items all year round: I tried it once, bought presents in July, wrapped them all up, put them in the loft for safe keeping, and completely forgot they were up there. They stayed there until May the next year!

So planning in advance is not for me, however if you are a caterer with a Rational oven, and you expect Christmas to be your busiest season, then forward planning is essential.

This doesn’t mean visiting the local gobbler farm to bag the best birds, it means checking that your oven and other kitchen appliances are fully serviced and maintained.

Plan in Advance

Here’s a worrying fact: according to the Food Standards Agency (FSA),  the UK has more than 850,000 reported cases of people experiencing food poisoning a year, and Christmas in particular, is a season when more people get food poisoning than at any other time. In fact, this year, the FSA is running two campaigns to keep people safe from food poisoning when eating out.

All this is good news, but apart from that, the implications and knock-on effects of an appliance breaking down over the festive period are just not worth thinking about. Again, ensure against this by getting your oven checked over well in advance – you may not think there is anything wrong with it, but little overlooks and unnoticed problems can rear their ugly heads when you least want them to.

Turkey Based

AC Services (Southern) Ltd is on hand to help with any maintenance of Rational appliances in the South, South West and South Wales. I’m not implying any historical connection but the first turkey  did in fact, land at the port of Bristol, one of the many areas covered by AC Services!

As rumour has it, it was a young enterpreneur called William Strickland who first imported six wild turkeys into England in 1526 and sold them for tuppence each at Bristol market. And because they were bigger than your average British bird, they went down a treat with the upper classes and more were imported; so, a trend was born.

Many of us like to eat turkey as a main meal, or duck or goose, but the rest of Europe tends to have other specialities for the festive season: carp is a particular favourite for Austrians, Czechs and Poles. The Portuguese favour codfish and as for Romanians, they like nothing better than to sit down with a hearty Christmas meal of pork organs, muscle, and fat.

Act Now

Regardless of your culinary taste, badly cooked food could ruin a Christmas. So get your ovens checked over before the season begins, and book a full comprehensive service to ensure your Rational oven is in tip-top condition for the start of the Christmas season!

Published Date: 26th August 2014
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