Rational Ovens Continue to Dominate Kitchens Worldwide

In spite of the global recession, Rational AG, which already leads with a 54% share of the world market for professional ovens, is still expanding with an average growth of 10 per cent per annum.

These latest statistics were confirmed by Lee Norton, Managing Director of Rational UK, who spoke to us exclusively last week.


“We are enjoying good growth in the UK and worldwide,” he said. “And much of that is down to our success at solving challenges in the professional kitchen.”

He also announced that Rational’s SCC whitefficiency® range had recently gained the coveted Energy Star rating, adding to its already impressive green credentials.

“Our product development is focused on delivering outstanding food quality whilst saving time in the kitchen and energy costs for our customers,” he said. “And the great thing is that we can achieve all that without sacrificing consistency. This is a great message for owners of professional kitchens and one that we will be stressing again and again.”

Lee said that Rational UK was increasing the number of professional development chefs it has in the UK to 22 – all of whom will spend over 70% of their time talking to new and potential customers and demonstrating to them how Rational ovens can solve many of the challenges they face.


“We are constantly looking for better ways to support our customers,” he said, “and the message we are sending to our new customers is that they should always use trained installers and maintainers like AC Services.

“We are working more and more with some of the key national accounts – the big hotel and pub chains – and our 29 Service partners in the UK, with 160 fully trained and audited engineers give us exactly the nationwide coverage needed to deliver great after sales service to these important customers.”

One product feature is proving especially attractive to some of these large chains. Rational’s new KitchenManagement® system allows them to manage all their Rational ovens simply from a PC via standard networking.


“This means a chain can control all the menu options on the Rational in their kitchens up and down the country from a central location. Adding a new cooking program for the Dish of the Day is just a matter of pressing a button.” said Lee.

“Not only does technology like this save time and money, but it helps to ensure consistency which is vitally important for these big brands.”

There are now more than 600,000 Rational ovens, serving over 120 million meals every day in 85 countries across the world.

Published Date: 10th February 2014
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