Rational Ovens Top Partner AC Services Help you Live your Dream

Rational Ovens Top Partner AC Services Help you Live your Dream

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Rational Ovens top partner in the South and South West AC Services maintain that cooking quality food has never been more in demand than it is today. You’ve only got to take a look at all the cookery programs that go out on TV right now. They include John Torode’s and Gregg Wallace’s Masterchef, James Martin’s Saturday Morning Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay’s The F-Word, Raymond Blanc’s “The Restaurant” and the Very Hungry Frenchman. The list goes on. But what it demonstrates is that most of us have a healthy obsession with fine dining. We not only enjoy eating it, but more and more, are enjoying preparing and cooking it too.

Well that’s actually great news for us here at AC Services (Southern). That’s because as suppliers and partners of Rational Ovens products, it all helps to generate an ongoing healthy interest in cooking. This adds fuel to the fire, kindling more and more excitement and expectation into dining out. Celebrity chefs are not just household names these days. Chefs such as those already mentioned above with their TV shows, and others including Michel and Albert Roux with son Michel junior, Michael Caines, Marco Pierre White,
Heston Blumenthall, and Angela Hartnett, are all well respected artisans too. It’s small wonder that more and more people are looking to establish their own restaurants. They want to join in the fun and pleasure of providing the great British public with new gastronomic delights.

Rational Ovens are one of the best professional oven ranges manufactured today. You’ll find them in use at many of the country’s top restaurants, hotels, bars, and commercial kitchens. AC Services (Southern) was launched 1990, and now have the specific aim of  installing, and maintaining Rational Ovens products here in the South, the Southwest, and

South Wales. Not only that, but we also offer a great range of Rational oven cleaning products, great customer support, and the finest customer service. In fact we have previously been appointed Rational partner of the year. We’ve also being appointed runners up on several occasions  too– but you can’t keep on hogging the limelight all of the time now can you?!
Here at AC Services (Southern) we focus on providing unbeatable customer service. It’s not client satisfaction that we want, but client enthusiasm. We want our clients to celebrate the great service we provide them. It’s all about making sure that downtime is kept to an absolute minimum. With our great range of customer care packages, including our renowned Gold Maintenance Contract, you can rely on a rapid response to any call outs. We’ll come up with the right solution to cure any problem you may be experiencing with your Rational Ovens product. Having said that, with superb design, and the high end quality build standards, downtime is less and less likely. However you’ve always got to consider that all important maintenance and cleaning of course.

With the launch of the new AC Services (Southern) website, we are hoping to carry our message further afield. We also intend to be able to provide more helpful information to our existing users as well as any new potential clients.

We champion health and safety in the workplace. Our installation and commissioning engineers will ensure your Rational Ovens product is in the best working order. They take care in knowing that you fully understand its operation, using the 40 man year’s worth of experience and knowledge that they have accumulated. And with best practice in mind, you’ll find a complete list of C.O.S.H.H data sheets available on our website for all of the cleaning products that we offer.

If you’re business is based in the South and Southwest, and you are hoping to realise your dream of opening a great new restaurant; or you are upgrading or replacing your existing ovens with Rationals, then AC Services (Southern) are the company for you. Become one of our valued clients and share our Rational Ovens customer enthusiasm at its very best!

Published Date: 29th May 2012
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