Rational Tackles Takeaways

Rational ovens find their way into the most surprising places from the country’s top Michelin Star restaurants, to the country’s top prisons and just about every type of canteen and eatery in between.

But in November, Rational is taking its ovens somewhere very different. It is going to the Takeaway Innovation Expo in London to show the takeaway trade what its ovens are capable of.

But when you stop to think about what a takeaway restaurant needs and what these amazing cooking machines can do, it’s a totally logical move.

A typical takeaway will have limited space, limited staff and those that are there may have limited cooking skills. It needs to produce food quickly and, with the takeaway’s reputation resting solely on the quality of its food, the cooking must be spot-on and consistent. If you think about it , the Rational SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® could have been designed for the job.

To prove their case at the London-based Expo, Rational will be cooking up a range of takeaway delights in one single, compact oven. Visitors will be able to try chargrilled piri piri chicken, pulled pork, steamed sushi rice, fresh ravioli with parmesan, and chicken with oyster sauce to name a few. And to demonstrate that the SelfCookingCenter® is no slouch, the chefs will prepare black bean beef with steamed noodles in three minutes and freshly baked pizza in under five; all at the touch of a button.

The Rational’s secret weapon for takeaways is its Efficent LevelControl. This not only tells the chef which foods can be cooked together but adjusts the cooking time for each shelf according to the type of food and its weight – even taking into account the number of times the oven door is opened and for how long. Load it up with bacon, eggs, sausages, hash browns, tomatoes and mushrooms ; put in some toast for good measure and you have a batch of full English breakfasts all cooked at the same time and ready in just six minutes.
It’s probably a good job I don’t have a Rational oven at home!

Rational’s ovens have a few more tricks up their sleeve that make them a perfect match for an ambitious takeaway. Firstly they can pack all the capabilities of a range of cooking appliances, from ovens, hot air units, tilting pans, boilers, steamers or grills into one unit with a tiny footprint. Then, their colour, touchscreen interface, will help even unskilled staff to make the right choices as they’ll have access to the cooking experience gathered by hundreds of Rational chefs over decades. And, as the Rational oven can be fitted with a condensation hood that eliminates cooking fumes and steam, it can even be sited front of house.

If you’ve got takeaway ambitions, get along to Stand T331 at Takeaway Innovation, London Olympia, from 28-29 November. You’ll be impressed, not just by what the Rational oven can do, but by the quality of the food too!

Published Date: 5th November 2013
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