AC Services (Southern) Relegate Oven Downtime to the Back Burner

rational Oven repairAC Services (Southern) have a name to live up to. The fact that they deign to use the word “Service” in their company name could leave them wide open to attack if they don’t perform. But perform they do, as their existing clientele are only too pleased to confirm!

Take Tom Chrisostomou, Catering Manager, (Food and Beverages), of the Preview Buffet Bar in the famous Cribbs Causeway on the outskirts of Bristol. Tom explained that with 135 top store names, and 7,000 car parking spaces, Cribbs Causeway is a great place to shop, and the eating houses, (including of course the very popular Preview Buffet Bar), make it a great place to get a bite to eat as well. “With such a busy trade each and every day, we just can’t afford our ovens to go down”, he said; and that’s exactly where AC Services (Southern) come into the picture. “I’ve been using ACS for a little over 10 years now”, he continued, “It was at our Garden Centre in Brent Knoll, Highbridge, when I first started using them for maintaining and repairing our Rational Oven, and I haven’t looked back since. I’m still enjoying the same high quality customer service since day one”. Things have changed since those early days, and Tom is now heading up the catering operation at The Preview Buffet Bar.

The Preview Buffet Bar brings an exciting new meaning to the “eat all you can at a fixed price” restaurant arena, serving the nation’s favourite dishes; dishes such as quality Pizza, Kebabs, Grills, and Pasta, plus healthy stir fries and salads. “We use ovens made by Rational UK; they’re extremely versatile, allowing us to cook everything on our menu with the minimum of fuss. We can’t afford any down time. That’s why we use ACS. If anything should go wrong, we’ve only got to phone AC Services (Southern), and one of their service engineers is here in a flash. It’s customer service at its very best”.

Tom is also responsible for the operation on Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare, where at present their Rational Ovens are still under warranty. “The warranty is up in September this year“, said Tom, “Then I intend to take out an annual maintenance contract with AC Services (Southern)”. Tom went on to say that excellence has its own reward, and it’s the excellence of ACS’s client care that has put them in pole position to take on the maintenance of their Rational Ovens at Weston in September.

AC Services (Southern) offer a range of maintenance plans to suit all needs and pockets. The key to keeping Rational Ovens operating at optimum performance is having them regularly maintained, says Helen Hagger, Director at ACS. Rational ovens already have a great reputation for performance, reliability, and longevity, but when they are expertly serviced by skilled, knowledgeable industry trained engineers, you’ll get as close to perpetual operation as is possible, something that’s on every eating establishments’ wish list. It takes it to a new level.

AC Services (Southern) operate in the South of England, the Southwest, and South Wales. If you’re in one of these areas and you operate Rational Ovens in your business, why not give them a call? You can reach them on 01454-322-222, or why not drop in on their website at www.acservicessouthern.co.uk. Sign up for one of their great value for money annual maintenance contracts, and relegate oven down-time to the back burner!

Published Date: 20th July 2012
Category: News

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