The Rational Life of Pie

Pieminister Chicke of Aragon pieAs a nation we love pies. Pork pies, savoury pies, apple pies, even Mrs Tweedy’s chicken pies, and a company in Bristol has perfected not only the recipe but the execution of producing the perfect pastry.

The company is Pieminister which makes all of its pies in Bristol, sourcing local ingredients from as close to its South West base as possible. Not only does it only use free range British chicken and pork but it is the only British pie company to hold three Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards from Compassion in World Farming! Now those are the ingredients of a good pie maker.

And of course, the company only uses the best ovens. The Rational CPC, which have been solid, reliable and utterly invaluable over the past seven years in the kitchens based in Westbury-on-Trym where they make the pies. Indeed, according to Geoff Martin, the Engineering Manager, the support from AC Services (Southern), has saved the bacon quite literally, on a few occasions.

Recipe for Success

All equipment goes wrong at some point, usually at the most inconvenient time,” he comments. “For a company like ours, not only supplying pies daily to shops, pubs, restaurants and cafes, but also to events such as weddings and festivals, oven failure is the biggest concern.

Geoff has been using A C Services for the last three years on an ad hoc basis, which means that should anything go wrong, then a call to AC Services is all that is required. He readily admits that over this time, the response has been excellent; even at the last minute, when he has had an emergency, an engineer is immediately dispatched. “The level of service is fantastic and the engineers are very professional in the way they go about their work,” he enthuses.

Wedding Drum Pie

And only last week Pieminister saw its hard work pay off with the award of the prestigious Gold Medal for 2015 in this year’s Innovation Class at the British Pie Awards,  making it into the top three Bride’s Pies with its Wedding Drum Pie.

What is a Wedding Drum Pie, you may ask? The Pieminister Wedding Drum Pie is the inspiration of the founder of the company, Tristan Hogg, and comprises a “drum of silky smooth olive oil pastry which is filled with Ziti pasta, tender meatballs, chunks of Genoa salami and Provolone, Picante and Pecorino sardo cheese and quails eggs, combined with a painstakingly slow-cooked rich Ragu sauce made with beef shin, pork ribs, fresh oregano, garlic and plenty of Chianti.” Not just any old pie, then.

Pieminister has gained a well-deserved reputation for taste and innovation, with its pies found throughout the UK, from prestigious restaurants in the heart of trendy London to farmers markets in the South West to the fields of Glastonbury and other festivals. At the core of the operations however, lies its kitchens, where day after day, succulent pies are conceived, created and baked using Rational technology and relying upon AC Services (Southern)’s support.

Published Date: 5th May 2015
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