AC Services (Southern) – The Three Gables Restaurant‘s Ace in the Hole

AC Services (Southern) have been installing, servicing, maintaining and repairing commercial ovens for over 22 years. Based in the South of England, the South West, and in South Wales, their reputation for excellence in oven care is fast becoming almost legendary. It’s the main reason so many of the quality eating houses in the south-western hemisphere of the UK choose them, including Bradford on Avon’s superb new restaurant, The Three Gables.

Part owner Vito Scaduto made no bones about it when it came down to explaining why he insisted on appointing AC Services (Southern) as his oven’s service provider.” It’s because they’re simply the best” he said. He further remarked, “When you run a restaurant, your oven is the be all and end all. If it goes down before or during service, you’re dead in the water. Here at The Three Gables we’ve worked very hard over the past year since our launch. We’ve built up a great clientele, and our reputation is spreading fast. I won’t let anything jeopardise that. It’s exactly why I’ve appointed AC Services – they’re my ace in the hole”.

Vito first came across AC Services (Southern) at his previous venture, the ‘Red or White’ Restaurant in Trowbridge. “I knew of ACS through my wife” explained Vito, “so they seemed the logical choice when it came to choosing someone to install a second hand oven in the kitchen. Of course being second hand you do tend to worry a little more about reliability. But with ACS’s reputation for excellent service, we hoped we could cope. And cope we did. In fact the success we cooked our way to at the ‘Red or White’, was to provide the springboard for our current success story at The Three Gables here in Bradford on Avon”.

The Three Gables provides the perfect backdrop for Sicilian born Vito, and his business partner, Chef, Marc Salmon. Marc, a classically trained chef, presents his own unique twist on a wonderful assortment of English and Continental dishes with a Mediterranean style infusion. Using locally sourced produce, according to season, the fine dining experience to be enjoyed at the Three Gables will have you planning your next reservation as you’re digesting your pudding.

“For our venture here at The Three Gables”, Marc went on to say, “We decided to invest in a brand new oven. Our research came up with Rational as being one of the finest ranges of commercial ovens on the market today – and guess what? AC Services (Southern) are one of Rational’s best service partners in the UK! That clinched it, and we ordered a SelfCookingCenter®. We’ve never looked back since. Our reputation and success continues to grow based on our exciting menus, the superb ambience of fine dining in the great environment that is Three Gables, and the back room boys – our ace in the hole – AC Services (Southern)”.

The whitefficiency® SelfCookingCenter® ovens that Rational now offer come complete with a 2 year warranty. They are also pre-programmed with CareControl, an automated hygienic cleaning program that keeps the oven spotlessly clean and germ free. AC Services (Southern) supply the proprietary cleaning agents that CareControl works with to maximise hygienic cleanliness. They also help to prolong the working life of the oven too. The cleaning agents are available at the most competitive prices. ACS hold a good stock and can deliver direct to your door.

To find out more about the range of services that AC Services (Southern) offer, why not drop in on their website, or call them on 01454 322 222.

Published Date: 4th October 2012
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