Three Gables survives the flood

Three Gables in the floods It was quite literally a case of all hands to the pumps when the banks of the river at Bradford in Avon burst and flooded the historic Three Gables restaurant in the town.

The waters rose and continued to rise and to the dismay of part owner, Vito Scaduto, his beautiful Grade II listed historic building dating back to the 16th century was flooded.

As he explains, the kitchen was particularly affected ; a nightmare scenario for any eatery!

Water, Water Everywhere

“The flood waters hit on the morning of 24th December and completely submerged the ground floor, where the kitchen is located,” he said. “There was nothing we could do and it was unprecedented as we had never known this level of flooding before. “ The restaurant subsequently had to close for three weeks until the flood levels subsided and the clear-up operation was completed.

Although the damage was severe, with the loss of kitchen items including a dishwasher and various fridges, one item remained unscathed – the Rational SelfCookingCenter® oven. “When the oven was initially installed we decided to have it mounted at eye level, which was easier for the chefs,” he continued.

“AC Services (Southern), were brilliant in advising and helping us to position the appliance for the best possible usage results. In hindsight, this was an excellent decision to make as being elevated, it was not affected by the rising waters at all. Vitally, none of the electrics were affected either. It remained in full working order throughout the crisis!”

Mopping Up

It took three weeks of pumping out water and mopping up the damage, but Vito was determined to get the restaurant up and running again in time for Mother’s Day, a big day in the restaurant’s calendar. Everything went according to plan, and as usual, Mothering Sunday saw the restaurant fully booked! He is now looking forward to his next big event, Gonzalez Byass Wine Dinner, to be held on April 10th.

Xmas Day 2013 Three Gables The Three Gables  is owned by Vito, and his business partner, Chef, Marc Salmon, a classically trained chef. The pair are immensely proud of the cuisine at the restaurant, which is a mixture of English and Continental food using locally sourced produce.

When crises occur, such as the flooding at the beginning of the year, taking stock of the situation and working out a damage limitation plan is crucial. For Vito, this was made so much easier as the mainstay of his kitchen, his beloved Rational oven, remained loftily unaffected throughout it all!

Published Date: 1st April 2014
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