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A C Services Office Team PhotoIt’s another typical day at the A C Services office, between Bath and Bristol, but there’s the irony. There is no such thing as a typical day in this company.

The ethos behind the scenes focuses purely on keeping the customer happy, even down to staff arrival times: staff arrive on a staggered basis from 8 am until the last person locks the doors at 5.15. Even then, customers can still contact us by leaving a message to be dealt with first thing the next morning, or if the situation is an emergency, to ring a number which goes straight through to MD, Helen Hagger.

Helen is well used to dealing with crises and dramas: as she explains, customer panic is commonplace. “Just this morning a contract customer had an emergency which turned out not to be the oven but I was able to have an engineer call him immediately to help,” she comments.


The A C Services office team comprises Carolyn, Service Manager, Kelly, Administration Assistant and Vicky, Accounts Manager. Their job is to deal with incoming and ongoing issues. This is a process ably assisted by the installation of a new phone system installed to help with fielding calls to the correct people. Note: Greensleeves is not played on hold.

The team have various daily chores: these include:

• Checking emails regularly throughout the day
• Answering calls comprising warranty breakdowns (which we have to attend within 24 hours), contract breakdowns, new customer breakdowns
• Planning servicing bookings
• Ordering spare parts/cleaning and chemical products

Logistically, routing and rerouting engineers is an essential and demanding part of the job. Google maps is used a fair amount to work out best route for calls for the engineer, but sometimes they have to travel significant distances to their next job just to answer a warranty call within the time period. It’s the job of the team in the office to coordinate the engineers and make sure that whenever and wherever they are needed, they turn up on time!


Of course, there are other daily events such as invoicing, statements, estimates, account queries, account openings, sending back warranty parts to Rational, and so on, that also keep the office team occupied.

The rule is that no two days are ever the same, as Helen continues: “Last week was our year end so each engineer was called in to carry out a van stock take. This week we have had to do a store stock take. Next week, who knows?” she comments.

One thing is certain, there’s never a dull day at the A C Services office.

Published Date: 20th October 2015
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