Perfect Rational Unit Installation

Having your Rational unit professionally installed by trained Rational service engineers can avoid:

  • costly repair and maintenance bills
  • invalidated warranties
  • down-time for the machine.

Let A C Services Southern guide you through the installation process with minimum disruption to your business. As the South, South West England & South Wales authorised Rational Service Partner; we pride ourselves in our ability to install units to the highest standard with minimum disruption to our customers.

A C Services Southern Rational Unit Installation Approach

We are here to guide you through the installation process from site survey, installation and commissioning, introduction training and finally full operation of your oven.

Step 1 – Site Survey

Are you considering buying a new/second-hand Rational oven or have you already purchased an oven? 

If so we strongly recommend that one of our engineers carries out a site survey prior to installation.  Our experienced engineers have an in depth knowledge of all Rational ovens. This covers installation of both old and new product lines including SCC WE, SCC, CPC and Classic Rational Combination or combi ovens.

The following checks are carried out as part of the site survey:

  • Site Access for Delivery (External & Internal)
  • Suitability of final position for oven
  • Services (gas, electric, water and drainage)

Step 2 – Delivery

We will liaise with you and your equipment supplier to help ensure that delivery goes ahead at the time and date agreed in preparation for our installation and commissioning site visit.

Step 3 – Installation & Commissioning

Our engineers are appropriately qualified to connect to the services, (gas, electric, water and drainage) within one metre of the unit. This ensures that your unit will be fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Step 4 – Operation & After Care of Your Unit

Finally our engineers will be able to offer you unit introduction/ familiarisation. This consists of usage and general upkeep instruction, along with hints and help on the care and cleaning of your unit.

We are confident that these four steps avoid costly aborted installations and the possibility of  invalidating warranties and product liability.

If you want the benefits of professional Rational unit installation by trained engineers contact us today by email or phone us on 01454 322222 to discuss your specific requirements

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