1 Week Sale of Rational Cleaning Products

One week winter sale of Rational cleaning productsWho likes a sale? There are five weeks to Christmas, less when you read this, and seasonal shopping on the high street and online has begun in earnest. So we at AC Services (Southern) have decided to hold a Rational cleaning products winter sale from our on-line shop.

We can’t promise you a reduction on the latest computer game or gadget, but you can take advantage of our seasonal goodwill and stock up on cleaning essentials for your Rational oven. Admit it, you’re excited.

This is a ONE week sale ONLY. We are holding the sale to encourage people to stock up before the festive season, because from past experience, this is the time when you suddenly realise that you are without cleaning liquid or tablets. And tomorrow, you are catering for a roomful of people all expecting their turkey roasted, their roasties crisp and their pudding hot. Too late for hindsight!

Rational Cleaning Products on Offer

AC Services (Southern) provides a full range of Rational cleaning products to clients in order to protect their investment, ie, their Rational ovens. As with all things we hold dear, a Rational cooker is a lifetime commitment and long-term care can and does prolong its efficiency.

You will need different Rational cleaning products depending on your oven type and if you have more than one oven, then you need different cleaning product combinations.

From cleaning tabs to rinse tabs, liquid cleaner to spray gun, we provide all products to make sure that your appliance is perfect. We do not provide the cleaning staff however, that’s your job but with a good and rigid maintenance regime, it makes life a lot easier!

Rational Oven Cleaning Products

Rational Selfcooking Center Units (SCC) can use the following products to help keep the oven clean due to their specific formulation for optimum effectiveness.

  • • Cleaner Tabs: highly concentrated tablets specially developed with a new complex set of active ingredients designed to guarantee maximum cleaning power.
  • • Care Tabs: (SG and SH Models) with special scale-dissolving ingredients contained to prevent limescale building up, giving reliability without a water softener and the need for time-consuming descaling.
  • • Rinse Aid Tabs: (SE Models) highly effective care products ensuring active protection.
  • • We also provide liquid Grill Cleaner and liquid Rinse Aid (for CPC units) as well as other items such as a hand spray gun for manual cleaning of CM units.

To order your Rational cleaning products, simply go to our on-line shop and use the voucher code xmas15 by December 1st 2015. Remember it’s a lot easier and simpler to pay by debit card on-line and this voucher is only valid through our on-line shop and cannot be redeem through  purchases by phone

Published Date: 24th November 2015
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