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Rational Oven Cleaning Products Sale

One week Rational Oven cleaning products winter saleThere have been a few changes in the world in the past few weeks, some good, some worrying, some downright outrageous. Toblerone restyled falls into the latter category. Pre-Christmas sales are firmly in the good category, we all love a sale and particularly just before the festive season hits with full force.

AC Services (Southern) is entering into the spirit as it does every year and is repeating last year’s ONE WEEK ONLY sale on its cleaning products for the Rational oven range. It’s a simple concept: order any cleaning product (excluding water filters) and get 10% off at the checkout using the voucher code clean16.

Last year, the offer was warmly and eagerly received by customers. It was a timely and cost-effective reminder for caterers and kitchen owners to stock up on products before the seasonal rush.

As Helen Hagger, MD of AC Services explains, customers often don’t realise that they are running low or forget to order in time. “We want to encourage people to be organised and stocked up with their cleaning requirements in advance,” she says. “Paying by debit card on the website using the voucher code takes just minutes! We intend this to become an annual pre-Christmas event where our customers can also book a service if they need it.”

Rational Cleaning Products

AC Services provides a full range of Rational oven cleaning products targeted at ensuring long-term care as a key to lifetime performance. Remember, if you have more than one oven, then you may need different cleaning product combinations.

The range includes:

  • Rational Oven Cleaner Tab (x100): highly concentrated tablets specially developed with a new complex set of active ingredients designed to guarantee maximum cleaning power.
  • Rational Oven Care Tablets (x150) with special scale-dissolving ingredients contained to prevent limescale building up, giving reliability without a water softener and the need for time-consuming descaling.
  • Rational Rinse Tablets (x50) highly effective care products ensuring active protection.
  • Rational Grill Cleaner (10 litres) for use with a hand spray gun.
  • Rational Rinse Aid (10 litres).

For water filtration, which is not in the sale, the products are either the Brita Purity 1200 Quell ST Filter Cartridge or the Brita Purity 600 Quell ST Filter Cartridge.

Daily Tasks

There are some simple tasks that can be carried out on a daily basis to ensure optimum performance of Rational ovens. We urge customers to introduce them into their daily routine.

  1.  Avoid downtime by cleaning your appliance every day with the relevant Rational Oven Cleaning Products so that the high quality of stainless steel is maintained for hygiene reasons.
  2. Wipe down the door gasket at least daily with non-abrasive cleaning agents.
  3. Clean the drip tray collector.
  4. Check the air filter regularly: your appliance will let you know when the air filter needs cleaning. On table top units the customer can clean this themselves in the dishwasher; on floor units, AC Services will need to replace it.
  5. Apply vegetable oil or grease to the inside of the cooking cabinet at regular intervals (every two weeks or so) to prevent corrosion.

This is a ONE week sale ONLY. We know that you have lots of other things on your mind at this time of year, but this is also the time when we all forget the routine tasks like ordering your Rational oven cleaning products.

To order your Rational oven cleaning products, simply go to our on-line shop. Or call us on 01454 322222 for more advice of how to keep on top of your Rational oven cleaning and to book a service.


Published Date: 15th November 2016
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Online Sales with AC Services

Rational oven online sales and serviceFebruary is now upon us and here at AC Services, we appreciate the benefits of value for money. So this month, we are holding a couple of sales.

Times are always tight, but if you are a Rational oven owner, you know that cutting corners for financial reasons is a recipe for disaster and AC Services are here to help.

Online Sales

The first offer is online purchases where using the voucher code rationalonline will get you £10 plus VAT off your purchases. Bear in mind that there are a number of events coming up in the following weeks, including Valentine’s Day and the start of the Six Nations rugby, so take full advantage of this offer until the end of February 2016 and stock up with essential supplies. We can supply items throughout the UK, but this offer is limited only to online sales.

AC Services (Southern) provides a full range of Rational cleaning products. It depends on the type of your Rational oven to determine the correct Rational cleaning products to use. Remember, if you have more than one oven, then you may need different cleaning product combinations.

The online sales offer applies to the following Rational cleaning tabs, rinse tabs, liquid cleaner and spray guns:

  • Cleaner Tabs: highly concentrated tablets specially developed with a new complex set of active ingredients designed to guarantee maximum cleaning power.
  • Care Tabs: with special scale-dissolving ingredients contained to prevent limescale building up, giving reliability without a water softener and the need for time-consuming descaling.
  • Rinse Aid Tabs: (SE Models) highly effective care products ensuring active protection.
  • We also provide liquid Grill Cleaner and liquid Rinse Aid (for CPC units) as well as other items such as a hand spray gun for manual cleaning of CM units.

Sale on Servicing

The second fabulous offer is £20 plus VAT off the normal service price. With a normal service starting at £195 plus VAT, this deal is not to be disregarded.

It is valid for all Rational oven service calls completed by 31st March as long as the Rational oven is within the counties and postcodes covered by ACS. These are Avon, Berkshire, Bristol, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Gwent, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Worcestershire.

All you have to do is phone the office on 01454 322 222 to confirm costs and times and quote ‘Ready for Spring‘.

Your Sale Choice

Since we introduced the online sales section to our website, the response has been fantastic, with the online store providing ease and simplicity for the ordering process.

You can also find hints and tips to keep your Rational oven in perfect condition, but should you have any worries, simply take advantage of the £20 discount on servicing and gear up for the rest of this quarter with the knowledge that your oven at least won’t let you down!

If you’re in any doubt please telephone us now on 01454 322222.


Published Date: 2nd February 2016
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Cleaning the Rational Way

AC Services keeping chefs using Rational ovens happyCleaning any oven is hard work. Whatever your best intentions, and depending on how often you actually use it rather than keeping it as storage for utensils and preferring to use the microwave instead, you will always be amazed at the amount of dirt, grease and charcoaled leftovers that you find.

Long before the concept of self-cleaning ovens, a friend of a friend lived in a student house where every Sunday morning, one of the housemates got up early and uncomplainingly to clean the oven. The other flatmates genuinely believed that it was a self-cleaning appliance until a reunion twenty-five years later when the truth was revealed by their former, long suffering and orderly housemate.

Kitchen Timing

Student houses are bad enough but imagine life in a catering kitchen when the oven is in constant use and time is not a commodity that most kitchen operatives enjoy. BUT, cleaning an oven constantly can help improve its performance and safeguard against unexpected failure.

In fact, according to Helen Hagger, MD of AC Services (Southern), cleaning is essentially the best form of preventative maintenance. Which is why, the website for AC Services offers a detailed page on online cleaning products, specifically tailored to the requirements of a Rational oven.

Too many customers believe that using an oven 24/7 and not cleaning it is acceptable,” she explains. “Our aim is to ensure that all of the appliances that we install and service are maintained in the best possible condition, which includes regular use of cleaning products. And what is ever better news is that we have reduced the shipping costs for our products so there is no excuse not to order online from us.”

Cleaning Products

AC Services provides a full range of Rational cleaning products targeted at ensuring long-term care as a key to lifetime performance. Depending on your oven type you will need different cleaning products and these include:
• Rational Oven Cleaner Tab (x100)
• Rational Oven Care Tablets (x100)
• Rational Rinse Tablets (x50)
• Rational Grill Cleaner (10 litres) Use with hand spray gun.
• Rational Rinse Aid (10 litres)

For water filtration:
• Brita Purity 1200 QuellST Filter Cartridge
• Brita Purity 600 Quell ST Filter Cartridge

Customers can buy online out of office hours or when they realise that their Rational cleaning products are running low. And now with lower shipping costs, there really is no excuse not to keep your oven clean and fresh and save money.


Published Date: 17th February 2015
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Get Your Rational Ovens Sparkling for Christmas

The chances are that your Rational ovens will be working flat out this Christmas, so now’s a good time to make sure they are in tip-top condition and sparkling clean.

We’re offering a £10 discount for any online order for Rational cleaning tablets placed before the end of this month.

Just add the products to your shopping cart and enter the coupon code New Year in the Apply Coupon box. Your discount will be credited against your order automatically.

If you need your cleaning products before Christmas, make sure you place your order by Friday December 13th.

The offer applies to Rational Oven Cleaner Tabs (all SelfCookingCenter® models);  Rational Oven Care Tabs (for scc models with CareControl);  and Rational Oven Rinse Aid Tabs (for scc models without CareControl).

Emergency Callouts and Last Orders

For Rational oven repairs over Christmas or any emergency breakdowns, here are details of our Christmas working hours and last dates for ordering parts and accessories. Why not print this off for quick reference over the Christmas period.

Rational Oven Servicing and Spares Christmas 2013 A C Services

For the South, South West and South Wales, there is one telephone number for all your Rational Service and Spare requirements.  01454 322222

Last order dates for guaranteed delivery before Christmas

Friday 13th December Cleaning Products
Wednesday 18th December Stock Parts/Brita Cartridges



Office opening hours and engineers on call

Our office is open over the Christmas/New Year period as below. Engineers are on call when the office is open and as shown on weekends for any emergencies.

Monday 16th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Tuesday 17th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Wednesday 18th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Thursday 19th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Friday 20th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday 21st December Engineer on call
Sunday 22nd December Engineer on call
Monday 23rd December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Tuesday 24th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Wednesday 25th December CLOSED
Thursday 26th December CLOSED
Friday 27th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday 28th December Engineer on call
Sunday 29th December Engineer on call
Monday 30th December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Tuesday 31st December 8.30am – 5.00pm
Wednesday 1st January CLOSED
Thursday 2nd January 8.30am – 5.00pm
Friday 3rd January 8.30am – 5.00pm
Saturday 4th January Engineer on call
Sunday 5th January Engineer on call




















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Rational Thinking- Clean Up for Xmas

Rational Oven Cleaning ProductsAs you have probably realised, Christmas is looming on the horizon and chefs everywhere from local pubs to the swankiest Michelin Star eateries, will be dreaming up all sorts of festive wonders to delight our palates.

And that’s as it should be. The Christmas season can be a goldmine for a well-run kitchen. But while you’re planning menus, spare a thought for your ovens. They are about to be submitted to a month or more of frantic activity – you’ll expect them to work 24 hours a day without complaining and the chances are you’d be stuck without them.


This may not sound very festive, but now is the time to make sure your ovens are in top condition and cleaned regularly. We look after Rational ovens throughout the South and South West of England and in South Wales and if you speak to any of our engineers they will tell you what a difference regular cleaning and descaling makes to reliability.

Of course regular maintenance helps to make sure your investment gives you a steady return, but regular cleaning is just as important. Dirt and lime scale can cause untold damage, not just to your oven, but to your reputation. Just imagine the impact that an oven breakdown could have on that extra-special service on Christmas Day.

There is no mystery to Rational oven cleaning – it’s all spelled out in the user manuals and much of it is prompted anyway by the oven itself. Just make sure that you allocate time for regular cleaning and care routines and have plenty of approved cleaning and care products in stock by ordering now.

Order now

Here’s a quick guide to some of the products that are approved for Rational oven cleaning and that you can order now from our online store:

• If your Rational oven is a CombiMaster® (CM) or ClimaPlus Combi® (CPC*), then you’ll need Rational’s liquid Grill Cleaner and (liquid Rinse Aid)*. These have been specially formulated by Rational’s development team to give maximum cleaning performance without damaging any internal parts.

• If you are lucky enough to have one of Rational’s latest SelfCookingCenters the must-have product is the Rational Cleaner Tab. These innocuous-looking tablets are packed with an intensive complex of active ingredients that will leave the inside of your oven sparkling.

• If your SelfCookingCenter has Rational’s amazing CareControl technology, you need their Oven Care Tablets. These not only make a cracking job of keeping scale at bay but will give long-term protection too.

• For SelfCookingCenters that do not have CareControl, it’s important to ensure that you use Rational’s Rinse Aid Tablets. According to Rational, they will “significantly extend the service life of your SelfCookingCenter”.

So, while you’re planning for Christmas, make sure you schedule some time for Rational oven cleaning and order your approved cleaning products now.


Published Date: 3rd December 2013
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Buy now to keep those ovens sparkling clean

We know how important it is that commercial ovens are kept sparkling clean, that’s why we now stock a full range of specially developed care products for Rational ovens which are available to buy now, online from our oven care store.

All of our oven care products are either developed by Rational or recommended by them and will help to ensure that your ovens are not just hygienically clean but are maintained in the best possible condition too. The range of products you can buy now includes:

• Rational Grill Cleaner – a powerful cleaner specially developed for the CombiMaster® and ClimaPlus Combi® ovens – Buy Now

• Rational Rinse Aid – specially developed to work in partnership with the Grill Cleaner – Buy Now

• Rational Oven Care Tablets for the SCC (SelfCooking Center®) range with CareControl – these ensure ongoing active protection and also include de-scaling agents, removing the need for a separate water softener and time-consuming de-scaling – Buy Now

• Rational Oven Cleaner Tabs for all SCC ovens – these highly concentrated tablets use a combination of ingredients formulated by Rational to deliver intensive cleaning power without damaging the oven – Buy Now

• Rational Oven Rinse Aid Tabs – designed for SCC ovens without the automatic CareControl feature and which will leave the oven interior sparkling clean – Buy Now

We also sell filter cartridges for the Brita Purity 600 and 1200 Quell ST water filters recommended for use with Rational’s combination ovens. These high performance filters ensure that only the purest, untainted water is used to generate steam and that the oven’s internal systems remain free of lime scale.

Your Rational oven is not just a major capital investment, there’s a strong chance the reputation of your kitchen rests on its shelves too. So, don’t take chances by skipping frequent cleaning cycles or by purchasing untested cleaners. Go to our online store and buy now.


Published Date: 16th April 2013
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Diarise all those important dates for 2013

Olympics closing ceremonyHappy New Year From A C Services (Southern) Ltd, your South, South West & South Wales Rational Service Partner

Make 2013 your most prosperous year yet!

2012 was one of the most fantastic years in Great Britain’s history.
Not only was it the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee but Great Britain hosted the 2012 Olympic and Paralympics. Continue reading


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Order Your Rational Cleaning Products Online From AC Services

Great News…..After much demand!

You can now order your Rational Cleaning products from AC Services Southern on line.

 AC Services Southern has provided a full range of Rational cleaning products to our customers to protect the investment in their Rational oven, as experience tells us that long term care of your oven is key to life time performance. Increasingly customers have asked whether they can buy online so that they can order out of office hours or when they realise that their Rational cleaning products are running low. We were happy to create an e-commerce section on our site as an alternative to our email and fax service.

Every cleaning process both cares and retains the value of your oven when you use the correct product and we recommend that you use Rational cleaning products every time.

Which cleaning product will your oven need?

Depending on your oven type you will need different cleaning products.  Remember that you may have several types of ovens in your kitchen, each needing its own cleaning product combination.

Use our quick guide below to ensure you are ordering and using the correct care products for your oven.


Oven Type

Cleaning Product

Product Code

Product Image

SelfCooking Center (SCC) Units

SCC Unit with Serial Number prefix SE

Cleaning Tabs &               Rinse Tabs

56.00.210                   56.00.211

SCC Unit with Serial Number prefix SG/SH

Cleaning Tabs &                Care Tabs

56.00.210          56.00.562

Combimaster    (CM) Unit

Red Liquid Cleaner (use with hand spray gun)

9006.0153 (red)6004.0100(spray gun)

ClimaPlus Combi (CPC) Unit

Red & Blue Liquid Cleaners

9006.0153 (red)         9006.0137 (blue)

Where to find the serial number of your oven:

Where to find your Serial Number








The serial number is located on the left hand side panel of your oven.





Placing an order with us is as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Follow this link to our on line sales page… or

2. Complete our customer order form and

3. Then email or fax your form across to us

COSHH Information on Rational Oven Cleaning Products can be found HERE.


If in any doubt please telephone us now on 01454 322222




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