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One week Rational Oven cleaning products winter saleThere have been a few changes in the world in the past few weeks, some good, some worrying, some downright outrageous. Toblerone restyled falls into the latter category. Pre-Christmas sales are firmly in the good category, we all love a sale and particularly just before the festive season hits with full force.

AC Services (Southern) is entering into the spirit as it does every year and is repeating last year’s ONE WEEK ONLY sale on its cleaning products for the Rational oven range. It’s a simple concept: order any cleaning product (excluding water filters) and get 10% off at the checkout using the voucher code clean16.

Last year, the offer was warmly and eagerly received by customers. It was a timely and cost-effective reminder for caterers and kitchen owners to stock up on products before the seasonal rush.

As Helen Hagger, MD of AC Services explains, customers often don’t realise that they are running low or forget to order in time. “We want to encourage people to be organised and stocked up with their cleaning requirements in advance,” she says. “Paying by debit card on the website using the voucher code takes just minutes! We intend this to become an annual pre-Christmas event where our customers can also book a service if they need it.”

Rational Cleaning Products

AC Services provides a full range of Rational oven cleaning products targeted at ensuring long-term care as a key to lifetime performance. Remember, if you have more than one oven, then you may need different cleaning product combinations.

The range includes:

  • Rational Oven Cleaner Tab (x100): highly concentrated tablets specially developed with a new complex set of active ingredients designed to guarantee maximum cleaning power.
  • Rational Oven Care Tablets (x150) with special scale-dissolving ingredients contained to prevent limescale building up, giving reliability without a water softener and the need for time-consuming descaling.
  • Rational Rinse Tablets (x50) highly effective care products ensuring active protection.
  • Rational Grill Cleaner (10 litres) for use with a hand spray gun.
  • Rational Rinse Aid (10 litres).

For water filtration, which is not in the sale, the products are either the Brita Purity 1200 Quell ST Filter Cartridge or the Brita Purity 600 Quell ST Filter Cartridge.

Daily Tasks

There are some simple tasks that can be carried out on a daily basis to ensure optimum performance of Rational ovens. We urge customers to introduce them into their daily routine.

  1.  Avoid downtime by cleaning your appliance every day with the relevant Rational Oven Cleaning Products so that the high quality of stainless steel is maintained for hygiene reasons.
  2. Wipe down the door gasket at least daily with non-abrasive cleaning agents.
  3. Clean the drip tray collector.
  4. Check the air filter regularly: your appliance will let you know when the air filter needs cleaning. On table top units the customer can clean this themselves in the dishwasher; on floor units, AC Services will need to replace it.
  5. Apply vegetable oil or grease to the inside of the cooking cabinet at regular intervals (every two weeks or so) to prevent corrosion.

This is a ONE week sale ONLY. We know that you have lots of other things on your mind at this time of year, but this is also the time when we all forget the routine tasks like ordering your Rational oven cleaning products.

To order your Rational oven cleaning products, simply go to our on-line shop. Or call us on 01454 322222 for more advice of how to keep on top of your Rational oven cleaning and to book a service.

Published Date: 15th November 2016
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