Cleaning the Rational Way

AC Services keeping chefs using Rational ovens happyCleaning any oven is hard work. Whatever your best intentions, and depending on how often you actually use it rather than keeping it as storage for utensils and preferring to use the microwave instead, you will always be amazed at the amount of dirt, grease and charcoaled leftovers that you find.

Long before the concept of self-cleaning ovens, a friend of a friend lived in a student house where every Sunday morning, one of the housemates got up early and uncomplainingly to clean the oven. The other flatmates genuinely believed that it was a self-cleaning appliance until a reunion twenty-five years later when the truth was revealed by their former, long suffering and orderly housemate.

Kitchen Timing

Student houses are bad enough but imagine life in a catering kitchen when the oven is in constant use and time is not a commodity that most kitchen operatives enjoy. BUT, cleaning an oven constantly can help improve its performance and safeguard against unexpected failure.

In fact, according to Helen Hagger, MD of AC Services (Southern), cleaning is essentially the best form of preventative maintenance. Which is why, the website for AC Services offers a detailed page on online cleaning products, specifically tailored to the requirements of a Rational oven.

Too many customers believe that using an oven 24/7 and not cleaning it is acceptable,” she explains. “Our aim is to ensure that all of the appliances that we install and service are maintained in the best possible condition, which includes regular use of cleaning products. And what is ever better news is that we have reduced the shipping costs for our products so there is no excuse not to order online from us.”

Cleaning Products

AC Services provides a full range of Rational cleaning products targeted at ensuring long-term care as a key to lifetime performance. Depending on your oven type you will need different cleaning products and these include:
• Rational Oven Cleaner Tab (x100)
• Rational Oven Care Tablets (x100)
• Rational Rinse Tablets (x50)
• Rational Grill Cleaner (10 litres) Use with hand spray gun.
• Rational Rinse Aid (10 litres)

For water filtration:
• Brita Purity 1200 QuellST Filter Cartridge
• Brita Purity 600 Quell ST Filter Cartridge

Customers can buy online out of office hours or when they realise that their Rational cleaning products are running low. And now with lower shipping costs, there really is no excuse not to keep your oven clean and fresh and save money.

Published Date: 17th February 2015
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