Rational Thinking- Clean Up for Xmas

Rational Oven Cleaning ProductsAs you have probably realised, Christmas is looming on the horizon and chefs everywhere from local pubs to the swankiest Michelin Star eateries, will be dreaming up all sorts of festive wonders to delight our palates.

And that’s as it should be. The Christmas season can be a goldmine for a well-run kitchen. But while you’re planning menus, spare a thought for your ovens. They are about to be submitted to a month or more of frantic activity – you’ll expect them to work 24 hours a day without complaining and the chances are you’d be stuck without them.


This may not sound very festive, but now is the time to make sure your ovens are in top condition and cleaned regularly. We look after Rational ovens throughout the South and South West of England and in South Wales and if you speak to any of our engineers they will tell you what a difference regular cleaning and descaling makes to reliability.

Of course regular maintenance helps to make sure your investment gives you a steady return, but regular cleaning is just as important. Dirt and lime scale can cause untold damage, not just to your oven, but to your reputation. Just imagine the impact that an oven breakdown could have on that extra-special service on Christmas Day.

There is no mystery to Rational oven cleaning – it’s all spelled out in the user manuals and much of it is prompted anyway by the oven itself. Just make sure that you allocate time for regular cleaning and care routines and have plenty of approved cleaning and care products in stock by ordering now.

Order now

Here’s a quick guide to some of the products that are approved for Rational oven cleaning and that you can order now from our online store:

• If your Rational oven is a CombiMaster® (CM) or ClimaPlus Combi® (CPC*), then you’ll need Rational’s liquid Grill Cleaner and (liquid Rinse Aid)*. These have been specially formulated by Rational’s development team to give maximum cleaning performance without damaging any internal parts.

• If you are lucky enough to have one of Rational’s latest SelfCookingCenters the must-have product is the Rational Cleaner Tab. These innocuous-looking tablets are packed with an intensive complex of active ingredients that will leave the inside of your oven sparkling.

• If your SelfCookingCenter has Rational’s amazing CareControl technology, you need their Oven Care Tablets. These not only make a cracking job of keeping scale at bay but will give long-term protection too.

• For SelfCookingCenters that do not have CareControl, it’s important to ensure that you use Rational’s Rinse Aid Tablets. According to Rational, they will “significantly extend the service life of your SelfCookingCenter”.

So, while you’re planning for Christmas, make sure you schedule some time for Rational oven cleaning and order your approved cleaning products now.

Published Date: 3rd December 2013
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