A Rational solution to school dinners

What a month it’s been for school dinners! It all started off with a focus on healthy eating as National Childhood Obesity Week got under way on the first of July.

Then a couple of days later, the school dinner ladies were serving lunch to MPs in the House of Commons to launch National School Meals Week, which will run from November 4th to 8th. Schools hope the government will help to fund a day of free school meals for every pupil in England and Wales in an attempt to lay the ghost of old school dinners that still haunt so many parents.

Then, last week, school dinners were top of the menu again as the School Food Plan, an independent report commissioned by the Government said that packed lunches should be banned.

Energy Efficient

What’s sparked off our sudden interest in turkey twizzlers? Well, apart from the fact that some of our best customers are school kitchens, our partner, Rational, was exhibiting at the Local Authority Catering Association’s (LACA) annual bash in Birmingham last week. They are finding that more and more school kitchens are specifying Rational ovens so that they can deliver the quality and consistency that parents, politicians (and celebrity chefs) demand. An added bonus for them is that Rational ovens are just about the most energy efficient way to prepare cooked meals.

Prize Draw

Rational was demonstrating its amazing ovens to the thousands of local authority catering staff who attended LACA’s Main Event in Birmingham last week and, to mark its 40th Anniversary, it even gave delegates the chance to win one of its latest SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® models, worth £8,000. In fact, anyone attending any of the Rational CookingLive seminar between June and November 2013 have the opportunity to enter the free prize draw. If a school wins the prize but wants a larger unit, it can put the value towards an upgraded model, at a discounted price.

If all school kitchens start to turn out the quality of food we have seen at the school kitchens we visit, then I think we will finally lay the ghost of school dinners past.

Published Date: 22nd July 2013
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