Buy now to keep those ovens sparkling clean

We know how important it is that commercial ovens are kept sparkling clean, that’s why we now stock a full range of specially developed care products for Rational ovens which are available to buy now, online from our oven care store.

All of our oven care products are either developed by Rational or recommended by them and will help to ensure that your ovens are not just hygienically clean but are maintained in the best possible condition too. The range of products you can buy now includes:

• Rational Grill Cleaner – a powerful cleaner specially developed for the CombiMaster® and ClimaPlus Combi® ovens – Buy Now

• Rational Rinse Aid – specially developed to work in partnership with the Grill Cleaner – Buy Now

• Rational Oven Care Tablets for the SCC (SelfCooking Center®) range with CareControl – these ensure ongoing active protection and also include de-scaling agents, removing the need for a separate water softener and time-consuming de-scaling – Buy Now

• Rational Oven Cleaner Tabs for all SCC ovens – these highly concentrated tablets use a combination of ingredients formulated by Rational to deliver intensive cleaning power without damaging the oven – Buy Now

• Rational Oven Rinse Aid Tabs – designed for SCC ovens without the automatic CareControl feature and which will leave the oven interior sparkling clean – Buy Now

We also sell filter cartridges for the Brita Purity 600 and 1200 Quell ST water filters recommended for use with Rational’s combination ovens. These high performance filters ensure that only the purest, untainted water is used to generate steam and that the oven’s internal systems remain free of lime scale.

Your Rational oven is not just a major capital investment, there’s a strong chance the reputation of your kitchen rests on its shelves too. So, don’t take chances by skipping frequent cleaning cycles or by purchasing untested cleaners. Go to our online store and buy now.

Published Date: 16th April 2013
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