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Care home cateringIt’s staggering to think that there are over 11 million people, who are aged 65 or over in the UK,  the first time in history that this figure has been so high according to AgeUK. 3 million of them are over 80.

There is no doubt that we are living longer and the older generation has a much more sophisticated and informed knowledge about food than our grandparents ever did. (Oh, and it’s not old age any more, it’s middle adulthood!)

Worryingly in terms of logistics, the number of people aged 65 and over is forecast to rise by nearly 50% (48.7%) in the next 17 years, which means that these Middle Adults will total 16 million. In the UK there are currently about 5,153 nursing homes and 12,525 residential homes, catering not just for the elderly but those in need of care.

Interestingly, as far as lifestyle is concerned, more people in this age group meet the recommended five servings of fruit or veg than those under 65, but figures also suggest that 1.3 million people over 65 suffer from malnutrition, the majority of whom are in the community and who will need external help. Which leads us nicely on to care homes and establishments and their vital role in caring for the elderly not least through their care home catering.

Get the Equipment Right

According to Karen Oliver, Chair, of the National Association of Care Catering,  comments:

As the population continues to live longer and the number of older people continues to grow apace, caring for our ageing population remains high on the agenda. Nutrition and hydration is a fundamental part of care provision. It is therefore essential that everyone associated with feeding those entrusted to their care . . . fully understands what is required . . . has the right tools to put this in practice.

And the right tools include the right oven and the right oven, which according to AC Services (Southern) is a Rational one. AC Services (Southern) are oven servicing specialists, and can advise on the best equipment to install, dealing specifically with Rational ovens.

Helen Hagger sees many care homes and establishments contact AC Services for advice, and she comments: “When you have a large number of people to cater for, many with different dietary requirements, but all with a rigorous need for cleanliness, it can be a logistic nightmare to simultaneously provide the required amount of food and maintain a clean and healthy kitchen.” The value of a Rational appliance is that it will cook perfect food automatically and even clean itself on schedule.

Rational Solution

Care homes have been under close scrutiny by the press and the authorities in recent times,” continues Helen. “The key priority is that the residents are fed healthily and regularly and that hygiene standards are kept to the highest levels.”

By installing a Rational oven, this can be done easily and efficiently, and a planned maintenance programme, such as those offered by AC Services, can ensure that the oven is kept at its optimum performance levels.

Make sure that your kitchen in your care home is prepared for any eventuality by contacting AC Services (Southern) to see how we can help you save costs on the service and maintenance of your Rational oven perhaps with one of our care plans.

Published Date: 13th January 2015
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