Care Home Crisis Continues

Care home cateringThe care home sector is hitting the headlines at the moment with the run-up to the election. Focus is on the over-65s with care needs, which is set to rise by a quarter by 2025. This will mean 2.8 million people in England and Wales requiring help and care. 

There is a worry that due to the shortage of care workers and the poor state of social care, the impact on people on lower incomes unable to live independently will increase.

Professor Eric Brunner of UCL says: “We find that ageing of the population in the next 10 years will cause an increase in burden of disability that we must not ignore.”

Dementia is currently the biggest growing cause of disability and rates are predicted to increase by 49% in over-65s between 2015-2025. This means that 700,000 people will have dementia care needs in 2025. This is a rise of 231,000, when compared to 2015. The second largest cause are mental health problems, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and other chronic diseases. These will increase by 37% over the decade.

Investment Needed

A study in the Lancet suggested that more investment is needed in health and social care. One of the areas that was highlighted was the need to tackle poor diet. Lead author Dr Maria Guzman-Castillo from the University of Liverpool said: “Spending on long-term care will need to increase considerably by 2025, which has serious implications for a cash-strapped and overburdened NHS and an under-resourced social care system.

However, those involved in the care home sector have already raised standards when it comes to food and nutrition. The National Association of Care Catering (NACC) have been running a competition for many years to find The NACC Care Chef of the Year . This year’s final is held on 7th June at Barking & Dagenham College. Sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Cooks and Premier Foods, the NACC Care Chef of the Year competition highlights the care catering sector and the talent of the numerous chefs operating within it.

Zone In to Care Homes

June will also see the launch of Health+Care’s new Catering & Nutritional Zone in association with the National Association of Care Catering. Taking place at London’s ExCeL on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th June 2017, Health+Care expects nearly 5,000 senior care professionals over two days for a seminar on ideas, sourcing and networking opportunities.

The Catering & Nutrition Zone at Health+Care is aimed at helping care business managers, directors and owners to “increase catering standards, share best practice and network with chefs and catering creatives”. Key issues that will be addressed across the two days include hydration, nutrition, procurement, dysphagia, menu planning, mental health residents and hygiene.

Neel Radia, national chair of the NACC, said: “The NACC is committed to sharing information, insight and guidance with care providers across the UK to ensure that catering within the sector reaches the highest standards possible and meets the specific needs of the elderly and vulnerable served. Education and training is crucial in achieving this, as is the exchange of ideas and best practice between care professionals.”

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Published Date: 30th May 2017
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