Top Tips for Choosing an Oven for Residential Homes, Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Rational Oven InstallationChoosing an oven for residential homes, nursing homes and hospitals brings with it, it’s own special set of circumstances. These need to be carefully considered when looking around to find the right product. There are of course the usual pre-requisites to be considered, namely:

• Oven Specification
• Oven Performance
• Ease of Operation
• Running Costs
• Ease of Maintenance
• Original Investment Cost

There are many commercial ovens on the market today that cover many of these salient points. But only one meets them all, and more besides. These are the whitefficiency® range of ovens manufactured by Rational. A whitefficiency® oven is not just an oven, it is a highly automated SelfCookingCenter®. It is ideal when choosing an oven for residential homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

Health and safety has become more important across all sorts of industries in recent years – and quite rightly so. But when you consider the food industry, and the preparation and cooking of foods in particular, health and safety conjures up a whole new can of worms. As well as the physical hazards of trips, falls, and burns etc, there is also the ever present danger of food poisoning, and infection. When you narrow the marketplace down to an oven for residential homes, nursing homes and hospitals, that hazard becomes even more dangerous.

Being only too keenly aware of the dangers posed by contaminated foods, a special safety standard has been drawn up – HACCP, or Hazard Analysis and Citical Control Points. HACCP is based on 7 principles as detailed below. As well as addressing health and safety across multiple disciplines and environments, they are particularly relevant when considering an oven for residential homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

• Making a hazard analysis study
• Clearly determining the crucial control points
• Identifying the margin of tolerance to each control point
• Setting down the monitoring fundamentals
• Detailing corrective actions
• Monitoring that HACCP procedures are being followed
• Record Keeping

The great thing about Rational’s whitefficiency® range, is that these self cooking centres are all pre-programmed with a fully functional HACCP software program. Not only do they automatically control the parameters of the oven, to work within approved, safe limits. They also keep a constant record which can be downloaded as and when required for reporting purposes. This make a whitefficiency® the perfect oven for residential homes, nursing homes and hospitals.

Here at AC Services (Southern), we are one of the top, approved Rational Ovens service partners in the UK. Service is the name of our game, and service is what we provide our clients with, within our theatre of operations. We operate in South England, the Southwest, and South Wales. You’ve only got to take a look at the news page on our website to see what high esteem our clients hold us in. That’s because with over 27 years experience of servicing commercial ovens, we understand just how critically important it is to keep your oven working at peak performance. We offer an excellent range of annual service contracts. They facilitate continuity of your oven’s optimum working performance, and enable us to respond quickly and reliably to emergency call outs.

Between us, Rational and ACS, you won’t find a better combination of product and service; a combination that an oven for residential homes, nursing homes, and hospitals, needs for optimum performance within HACCP boundaries. To find out more about choosing the right oven and having it regularly serviced to prolong and enhance its reliability, visit our website at www.acservicessouthern.co.uk or call us on 01454 322 222.

Published Date: 24th September 2012
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