Cleaning Up at Castle Drogo With AC Services

Castle Drogo Visitors CentreCatering at Castle Drogo is a piece of cake, if you have the right equipment that is!

And catering manager, Susan Hooper is delighted with the performance of her two Gas 61 Rational ovens

“The performance of these ovens certainly lives up to the reputation you would expect from Rational!” is her professional verdict.

In charge of the catering facilities and all the logistics involved in the role, it is vital that the performance of her equipment remains optimum at all times.

To that end, a labour-only service agreement with AC Services is the only way to ensure her ovens are always functioning.

National Trust

Castle Drogo is a National Trust Castle, Estate and Gardens in Drewsteignton in Devon. Designed by the famous early twentieth century British Architect ‘ Edwin Lutyens.’ This Grade I listed building is currently undergoing conservation on a grand scale to make the Castle watertight.

The kitchens are located within the Visitors Centre away from the Castle and the catering is well recognised, not just for the meals served to visitors but for its private function facilities too. Castle Drogo receives over 100,000 visitors each year and the modern catering facility is always very busy and extremely popular. They are also a well-known venue for private functions, training events and corporate meetings. Seasonal food is prepared daily, using locally sourced ingredients from the surrounding Devon area.

In order to keep the catering at its highest possible standard, the Rational Ovens are serviced routinely twice a year. “We installed the ovens five years ago,” explains Mrs Hooper, “and it is imperative to us that they are regularly serviced and maintained. The labour-only contract with AC Services ensures that the ovens are given a thorough check every six months.”

Pre-emptive Service

The service is comprehensive: from checking parts to printing out emission statistics and temperature advice, nothing is missed. “These are invaluable checks for us,” continues Mrs Hooper. “On the last visit, we were advised to replace the panel for the steamer, not that it was urgent, but there was the potential for it to fail. So the decision was made to replace it.

The same potential risk with an ignition controller was picked up on a previous service visit and was replaced accordingly. These are problems that are undetected by us, but the service engineers knew what to look for, and as we cannot take the risk of anything potentially going wrong, this pre-emptive service is perfect.”

Castle Drogo’s kitchen is in constant daily use. Thanks to the team at AC Services and the superior quality of the Rational ovens themselves, quality food is always on the menu at Castle Drogo.

Published Date: 11th March 2014
Category: Case Study, Service plan

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