Five Easy Steps for Rational Oven Cleaning

Rational oven cleaningIt doesn’t really matter what kind of oven you have, cleaning it is one of life’s most tedious chores.

For caterers and those who use their oven constantly, then it becomes even more pressing.

So is it possible just to run a J-cloth over the hob or is there more to the art of cleaning?

Automatic Help

Here at AC Services, we believe there is a knack to the process. Although Rational Self Cooking Centers 5 Senses have automatic cleaning software built into them, dirt, grease and cooked food can accumulate around hard-to-reach areas of the oven.

Cleanjet and CareControl is an automatic programme and a request for cleaning will appear on the screen, all that is required of the user is to follow the instructions in their on screen manual. These cleaning products use less abrasive materials, which are not only good for the oven, they are also good for the environment as they are less chemically intense.

The Five Tips

According to Helen Hagger, Director of AC Services (Southern), “We advise all of our customers to make sure that their supply of cleaning products is consistent and we offer the following tips for them to make sure that they do their bit in maintaining the cleanliness, and thus the hygiene of their appliances.”

Tip 1. Your unit must be cleaned every day with the relevant Rational Oven Cleaning Products for your make and model oven, to maintain the high quality of stainless steel for hygiene reasons and to avoid operation faults and hence downtime.

Tip 2. The door gasket needs to be wiped over / cleaned at least daily with non-abrasive cleaning agents, more often if the oven is used on constant high temperatures.

Tip 3. The drip tray collector needs to be wiped over / cleaned daily.

Tip 4. Your unit will let you know when the air filter needs cleaning. On table top units the customer can clean this themselves in the dishwasher; on floor units a service agent such as AC Services will need to replace it.

Tip 5. To prevent corrosion apply vegetable oil or grease to the inside of the cooking cabinet at regular intervals (every 2 weeks or so).

For more instructions for all of the above look under maintenance section of your manuals.

Rational Oven Cleaning Products

All Rational Selfcooking Center Units (SCC) can use the following products to help keep the oven clean due to their specific formulation to minimise fuss and maximise effectiveness.

– Cleaner Tabs: these highly concentrated tablets have been specially developed with a new complex set of active ingredients designed to guarantee maximum cleaning power.

– Care Tabs: (SG and SH Models) these tabs have special scale-dissolving ingredients contained to prevent limescale building up, giving reliability without a water softener and the need for time-consuming descaling.

– Rinse Aid Tabs: (SE Models) highly effective care product which ensures active protection and will leave your cabinet hygienically clean and sparkling.

AC Services also provides liquid Grill Cleaner and liquid Rinse Aid (for CPC units) as well as other items such as a Hand Spray Gun for Manual Cleaning of CM units.

AC Services (Southern) is one of the country’s top five Rational approved and audited service partners, covering the South of England, the Southwest, and South Wales. Having been a Rational service partner for over 15 years we know how to clean an oven!

To order your Rational oven cleaning products, simply go to our on-line shop  or call us on 01454 322222 for more advice of how to keep on top of your Rational oven cleaning and working fully.

Published Date: 25th March 2015
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