Gromit’s Grand Asian Adventure

Dog Rose GromitWhen something is good, it goes global. And it’s cracking news for the creators of the concept, Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, as it has been adopted by Asia and has broken into the Hong Kong market.

For those of you who have been following the saga of the canine concept, this is a major step forward for the cause. For those unaware of the Gromit Unleashed fundraising scheme, it was established in 1995 and has since raised over £27 million for the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Last year AC Services was the proud sponsor of Dog Rose Gromit for the Bristol trail.

Opened earlier this week and dubbed “The Greatest Dog Show on Earth,” Gromit Unleashed in Hong Kong features a display of 70 Gromit sculptures on an ornate, two-tier carousel band.

The sculptures are between 3m and 5m in height and the centrepiece is a stunning 4m high Gromit ‘G.R.M.T’, designed by Gavin Strange himself (self confessed “creative berk working as Senior Designer for Aardman by day and going under the alias of JamFactory by night.”) Truly dogs as far as the eye can see!

Signed Up Celebrities

More than fifty designers signed up for the event, including Nick Park, creator of Wallace & Gromit, and celebrity milliner Philip Treacy, (whose day job is to supply headwear to the Royal family) as well as numerous other artists, illustrators, fashion designers and musicians.

This is the first time that the event has taken place outside the UK, and shoppers at the Elements Mall in Hong Kong have been delighted with the sculptures. The exhibition is scheduled to last until 31st August.

At the end of the exhibition, the giant sculptures will be auctioned to raise funds for Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal and children’s art programmes in hospitals across Hong Kong.

Cracking Start

The launch of the event was highly publicised and attended by some of Asia’s biggest names in fashion and art. One of the beneficiaries is Art in Hospital, whose director, Grace Cheng, said:

To re-create the “Greatest Dog Show on Earth” for the first time in Asia, over 60 local and international artists have generously participated in the campaign to design an array of one-of-a-kind looks for world-famous Gromit. All Gromit sculptures will go to auction after the exhibition, to raise funds for our organization in Hong Kong, and another children’s charity in the UK. This focus on helping children in need makes the campaign even more meaningful.”

AC Services (Southern) has been heavily involved with the Bristol Children’s Hospital’s Grand Appeal to raise money for the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children and St Michael’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (Special Care Baby Unit) at St Michael’s Hospital.

Sadly, despite quite a few hissy fits, tears and tantrums, none of the staff were allowed to attend the event in Hong Kong, because repairing and maintaining Rational ovens was considered more important!

Published Date: 29th July 2014
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