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Brexit news updateLet’s have an update on Brexit news. After all, it has been two years now since the decision was taken for the UK to exit the EU. Surely, things have moved on?

Well, it appears not, in fact in a recent poll, Britons favour a second referendum by a 23 point margin. And support for staying in the EU is now 53% compared to 47% who still back Brexit.

Nearly half of voters want a final say before Britain formally leaves the EU, according to the survey. The majority also want a soft Brexit. This is where the UK would stay both in the single market and the customs union.

Meaningful Say

Last week, the Government scored a victory by having its Brexit bill passed through Parliament after Theresa May saw off a revolt by Tory MPS. The bill now goes for Royal Assent becoming law.

The Government won the vote 319 to 303, only after assurances were accepted by would-be rebels that MPs would have a meaningful say. Exactly what this ‘meaningful say’ will be is up for scrutiny. But according to the Prime Minister, “today has been an important step in delivering the Brexit people voted for, a Brexit that gives Britain a brighter future, a Britain in control of its money, laws, and borders.”

Over the next few weeks we will publish more details of our proposed future relationship with the EU in a White Paper, and will bring the Trade and Customs Bills back to the House of Commons.”

However, there are clear signs that industry is losing patience with the Government’s seeming inability to negotiate a proper, clear-cut deal.

Airbus has threatened to pull business from Britain in the event of a ‘no-deal’ becoming the first big manufacturer to pull investment from Britain. Airbus generates a significant amount (£1.7 billion) in tax revenues, but the company is prepared to abandon plans to build aircraft wings at its British plants. Instead, production will move to elsewhere in Europe, China or the US.

In the absence of any clarity, we have to assume the worst-case scenario,” warns Tom Williams, Airbus’ chief operating officer.

Key Dates for Brexit News

There are some key dates coming up that are crucial to the negotiations.

The first is this week, 28 June 2018 where the EU summit may include Northern Ireland border discussion.

On 18 October 2018, there is a key EU summit where both sides hope to agree outline of future relations. This allows time for UK parliament and EU members to ratify the deal by the deadline of 29 March 2019.

13 December 2018 will be a fallback option if the deal is not done by October. The Houses of Commons and Lords will vote on the withdrawal treaty.

Unravelling 43 years of treaties and agreements covering thousands of different subjects is massively complicated. And has never been done before. However,  without an agreement on trade, the UK would operate with the EU under World Trade Organisation rules. This could mean customs checks and tariffs on goods as well as longer border checks for travellers.

As catering logistics depends on just in time delivery for optimum freshness and use, the knock-on effects of this could be significant. So it really is a case of watch this space until we in the catering businesses can plan sensibly!

Published Date: 26th June 2018
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