Maintaining your Rational Oven – Top Tips from AC Services (Southern)

Maintaining your Rational oven to keep it in tip-top condition, is no different to maintaining anything that you want to remain as near to “as-new” as when it was first bought. It’s all about giving whatever the object might be, a little TLC – tender, loving, care. But when it comes down to something that you rely on, like a working oven in a commercial kitchen, maintaining it in good working order, and looking aesthetically clean too, can make all the difference to the success of your business.

AC Services (Southern) have been in the business of servicing Rational ovens for a little over 22 years. There’s no better company to choose for help with maintaining your Rational oven. They know that the secret of keeping any oven at its peak, is cleanliness and regular servicing. It’s rather like having a new car. Getting it serviced on time cuts down on repair bills, and cleaning it regularly keeps it nice, clean, and shiny; – it just makes you feel so good.

Top Tip 1 – Getting the Basics Right

You can make maintaining your Rational oven easier right from the start – the point at which you buy your oven. How? – By choosing the right brand. One of the best brands in the world today is Rational. The build quality is superb, and the features built into one of their “whitefficency”self cooking centres, have to be sampled to be believed.

Top Tip 2 – Quality Counts

There’s an old adage that says “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. The better quality oven you have, (especially if it’s a “whitefficiency”), the less trouble it will give you in its working life.

Top Tip 3 – Down with Down-Time

Rational Ovens “whitefficiency” range is more reliable than just about any other brand on the planet. Down-time is lost time. It’s unproductive, and it’s a sure fire way of losing hard won customers. Why suffer from it if you don’t have to?

Top Tip 4 – CareControl -The Coolest Automatic Cleaning System

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your oven cleaned itself overnight? Well, now it can! Rational’s “whitefficiency” self cooking centres have CareControl automatic cleaning software built into them; an automatic program that sets itself, based on what programs your oven has been working during the shift. All you have to do is to make sure the cleaning consumables are topped up before you leave for the night.

Top Tip 5 – Use Less Abrasive Materials – Be Environmentally Friendly

Maintaining your Rational Oven in tip top aesthetic condition doesn’t mean you have to use abrasives. The “CareControl” automatic cleaning system works best with the specially formulated cleansers that AC Services (Southern) sell. They are less chemically intense than other cleaners; less abrasive; and they are more environmentally friendly too.

Top Tip 6 – Spend Less on Cleaning

CareControl allows you to save money in more ways than one when maintaining your Rational Oven. Firstly you don’t have to pay a member of staff to stay on and clean the oven. Secondly you don’t need to buy water softeners. CareControl de-scales as it cleans.

Top Tip 7 – CareControl Automatic Cleaning is More Efficient

Because CareControl is an automatic way of maintaining your Rational Oven, it only uses the chemicals it needs to get the job done. There’s no wastage!

Top Tip 8 – Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

CareControl is not only a more efficient way of cleaning your oven, it’s more effective too. Your oven will not only be cleaner, it will be healthier! Better high clean! Better hygiene!

Top Tip 9 – Lower Your Running Costs

Rational oven owners with “whitefficiency” self cooking ovens enjoy a reduction in their cleaning costs of up to 40%!

Top Tip 10 – Get a Maintenance Contract in Place

Last but by no means least. There is no substitute for regular maintenance. It keeps your Rational oven running at its very best and forestalls downtime and costly repairs. Never shy away from maintaining your Rational oven. ACS (AC Services) actually offer a range of annual maintenance contracts, so that you can tailor the cost to meet your needs. One thing is for sure; whatever you spend on an annual maintenance contract with ACS, you will easily recoup the outlay through reduced down-time, and lower repair costs.

Do yourself a favour, find out more right now about how an ACS annual maintenance contract is the best option for maintaining your Rational oven; how it can save you money and increase profits. Talk to one of the sales team on 01454 322222 or visit the AC Services (Southern) website at acservicessouthern.co.uk for more information.

Published Date: 6th August 2012
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