Making Rational Oven Cleaning Easier

Rational oven cleaningOften, we are promised something which will make our lives easier, only for us to be disappointed by the reality.

Which is why we are not going to overhype the changes that will make life easier for school catering staff in 50 Gloucestershire schools this summer; and could be suitable for your kitchen and Rational oven cleaning.

The Potential Oven Cleaning Issue

Rational ovens are well-built and designed for busy catering establishments. As needs increase through busier service or an older machine is replaced; so another Rational model is deployed with the latest technology and optimised features. That optimisation goes all the way down to the choice of cleaning tablet for the oven. And that is where the potential issue lies when the wrong tablet is used for the wrong machine. This may cause it to fault.

Rational Red Cleaning Tablets (56.00.210) supplied in a round drum, are used for SE, SG, SH, and SI ovens. While Active Green Cleaning Tablets (56.01.535) in the rectangular tub, are for use in i Combi Pro (SJ) and i Combi Classic ovens (MJ).

The good news is that if you have the new SJ and MJ modules and older Self Cooking Center models White Efficiency (SH) and (SI), their software can be updated to take the new Active Green Cleaning Tablets. This removes the chance of using the wrong tablets in the new ovens. It also makes ordering and stocking the right tablets so much easier.

Please note the Care Tablets (56.00.562) are still used in SG, SH, SI, SJ, MI, and MJ ovens whether you use Red Cleaning Tablets or Active Green Tablets.

Update Now or Later?

As a proactive partner, AC Services engineers will offer to update the software on any kitchens they visit where there are a number of different oven models. After all we’d far rather prevent an issue occurring so that our clients have peace of mind; than to have to respond to an emergency.

Alternatively, like with the schools, we’re happy to go out specially to update software to make everyone’s cleaning regime easier.

Published Date: 28th June 2022
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