Mass Catering with Fine Dining Cooking Standards

Mass Catering OvenMass catering doesn’t automatically have to mean the type of cooking that many people associate with canteen style cuisine. Before we get tons of comments from disgruntled canteen chefs, we’d better elaborate that that’s not supposed to infer that canteens cook badly. But they do tend to get put under a lot of pressure to serve food in bulk quantities, and things like al dente pasta and vegetables, and the quality of presentation can, and often do, suffer.

Technology Marches On
We all remember the jokes we used to make about mass catering and school dinners in particular, (and we expect they’re still being made). But things have moved on big time in terms of kitchen equipment in the past 2 or 3 decades. Technology now exists that allows mass catering and fine dining to go hand in hand. So if your dream business is to serve top quality cooking to a discerning audience, such as a large group of wedding reception guests for example, you can compete for cooking quality with some of the top restaurants in the country.

Programmable Cooking
Planning to cook en masse quantities of great food simply means that you need to get a top quality professional oven. But not just any old oven – one of today’s pre-programmable self cooking centres. The pre-programming means that you can cook just about anything in any style. If fact you can even mix the food and/or the cooking method. It makes mass catering so much easier

No More Headless Chicken Impersonations
Whereas in days gone by you would have been running around your kitchen like the proverbial headless chicken, now you can let your oven tell when all of your different dishes are ready for plating. Whether you’re mass catering lots of the same, or a variety of meals, these new wonder ovens will deliver food cooked exactly as you’ve specified, time after time. All of the time that you save in not having to play headless chicken any more can then be spent on the fine art of presenting your food to delight the eye and whet the appetite.

If they’re Good Enough for the Top Restaurants….
It’s just what top restaurants like Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons where Raymond Blanc plies his trade, and The Hand and Flowers (where Tom Kerridge delights his diners), have in their kitchens. They wouldn’t be without them. But it’s not just the fact that these self cooking centres cook to perfection; they clean themselves too!

They don’t Just Cook
After a really busy, full on mass catering service, all you have to do is to select the appropriate cleaning program, make sure there’s sufficient cleaning product in the oven, and let it clean itself, unattended, overnight. But if that’s not all – there’s another very important reason why one of these new professional auto ovens is the way to go……hygiene and health and safety.

Just Do as You’re Told
As any restaurateur or top chef will tell you, today’s hygiene standards are really tough. You’ve not only got to be able to run a clean ship – you’ve got to prove that you do too! But the designers of today’s top rated self cooking centres have thought of that as well. That’s why these little beauties will not only keep a record of their own cleaning and servicing, but they’ll remind you to schedule it too!

Need a Recommendation?
Oh and by the way, if you need an oven recommendation then we’re more than happy to refer you to Rational’s whitefficiency® SelfCookingCenter® range. We should know; here at AC Services (Southern) we’ve been installing and servicing these superb, advanced, cooking machines for years.

Published Date: 21st January 2013
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