Meet the Rational Ovens – Rupert, Renée, Rosie and Reg


Rupert, Renée, Rosie and Reg are four Rational ovens.

“I suppose you are going to ask me why they have names,” said Sue Brady, who runs a successful catering business in Marlborough, Wilts. “We prepare 5-600 meals every day so the kitchens get very busy and with four ovens to refer to, it’s just much easier to say ‘Rosie’ than ‘the third oven from the left’.” And why boys and girls names? Sue reluctantly admits that the more powerful ovens got the boys names.

Sue started her catering business from home 15 years ago. Five years later the business had outgrown its cottage beginnings and moved to new premises in nearby Ramsbury. In 2009 even the new kitchens were creaking at the seams and Sue moved again to a purpose-built catering unit in Marlborough.

No compromise

Today Sue Brady Catering Ltd produces school meals for 16 local schools as well as offering a full catering service for weddings and special events for which she has built an enviable reputation. She uses fresh herbs and vegetables from her own garden and sources all her ingredients from a network of local suppliers that she has built up over the years. There is no compromise on the quality or standard of any ingredient used in their recipes whether it’s for a school meal or a society wedding.

Sue’s commitment to quality runs right through the business from the food they prepare to the close-knit team she has built up over the years. It is this same policy that insists on a regular oven maintenance programme.

“The ovens are just flat out all week;” said Sue “and all of them have been absolutely fantastic. In all the years we’ve had them; we have not had any major breakdowns.”

Minimising the risk

All four ovens are maintained by authorised Rational Service Partner, AC Services (Southern) who look after Rational ovens throughout the south and south west of England and in south Wales. The ovens undergo a thorough annual service by Rational’s qualified engineers who test all major components for signs of wear or potential failure. Any components that don’t pass the tests are replaced ensuring that any risk of a failure is minimised.

“We just could not do what we do without them,” said Sue. “Our reputation is our most valuable asset and that is as much about our ability to deliver great food on time as it is about the quality of the meals. “

The oven maintenance programme helps to ensure that Rupert, Renée, Rosie and Reg stay in peak condition to support the most valuable asset of the company – its reputation.

Published Date: 3rd September 2013
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