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AC Services FRIMA service partnerFRIMA began life in France in 1938. In 1985 the company produced the FRIMAX®, the first multifunctional cooking appliance based on contact heat. Building on the success of the quality of its products and the advanced technology employed in their manufacture, in 2014 FRIMA installed its 15,000th VarioCooking Center® , demonstrating the popularity of the range to an international market.

In 1992 FRIMA joined Rational and today the emphasis is still firmly focussed on excellence in the cooking arena.

In 2008 the FRIMA UK sales team was established and, in the same year, A C Services became a service partner with the company.

According to FRIMA UK MD, Graham Kille, the future is bright indeed for the London-based company, which has seen a 50% increase in sales in the past year. “We are growing rapidly, with a sales team of five, which we are expecting to expand,” he comments. “The UK is catching on to the fact that a multifunctional kitchen is the way forward in all sectors, and that the VarioCooking Center can enhance cooking results.”

Perfect Cooking

Using VarioCooking Control®, the appliance’s built-in cooking intelligence, daily work is simplified and time-consuming routine chores, such as constant monitoring of the food and temperature adjustments, are eliminated. Boiling, frying and deep frying takes place all in one unit, up to four times as fast and with 40% less power consumption. As the company’s website says, “The cooking process is always matched to the food, however big or small the item, and however many portions!”

FRIMA has a wide range of clients, from primary schools to sports stadiums to Michelin starred restaurants. Currently the most successful sector is in education. “Schools and colleges have really taken on board the value of the VarioCooking Center experience,” he continues. “For example, the cost efficiency is up there alongside energy efficiency: why buy a separate chip fryer when the VarioCooking Center has one included?

Pioneering modern cooking technology and energy efficiency is FRIMA’s aim. “It’s all about embracing smaller footprints in the kitchen, as well as reducing energy consumption,” explains Graham. “And there is a growing realisation that there is no better way to do this than with a VarioCooking Center.”

FRIMA offers live cooking demonstrations across the UK to present and road test the equipment. The company also offers a free four week trial, in customers’ own kitchens, so they can see for themselves what a difference a FRIMA appliance can make.

At AC Services we are delighted to be partnering FRIMA as a service partner and helping the company to grow. Like an increasing number of UK chefs, we believe the VarioCooking Center offers the most advanced, efficient and cost effective way to reduce the carbon footprint in the kitchen, while enhancing the quality of the food.

Published Date: 8th December 2015
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