Rational Launches SelfCookingCenter XS

SelfCookingCenter XS launchUnder the motto of “Ideas change the world” and true to its slogan of offering maximum customer benefit, RATIONAL AG presented its new SelfCookingCenter XS on 1st September, at Twickenham to a packed audience, including a team from AC Services Southern.

This was the world premiere for the smallest-ever Rational unit: the SelfCookingCenter XS. It offers full Rational power and intelligence and integrated fresh steam generator despite its minimal dimensions of only 55.5 cm deep, 65.5 cm wide and 56.7 cm high.

Our units impress with their performance and precision, and together with the benefits of the fresh steam generator, Rational represents top food quality and we make no compromises in this regard.

We are therefore very proud to have developed, together with our physicists, engineers and chefs, a SelfCookingCenter of this size, which not only supplements our successful range of units, but which will occupy a class of its own within the market,” says Götz Sauer, Executive Vice President, Rational AG.

The SelfCookingCenter XS

With the SelfCookingCenter XS, RATIONAL has succeeded in expanding its already successful range with a 2/3 unit needing space of only 0.2 m3. The smallest unit in the SelfCookingCenter family is in no way inferior to the larger units in terms of features and performance. This is because the SelfCookingCenter XS equipped with a fresh steam generator, has all the familiar assistants:

  • iCookingControl, the intelligent support for the chef;
  • iLevelControl, the assistant for optional mixed loading;
  • HiDensityControl, guaranteeing top food quality through maximum performance and precise regulation of cooking cabinet conditions;
  • Efficient CareControl, the automatic cleaning and descaling system.

The XS is ideally suited to use as a station unit in à la carte, in supermarkets, petrol stations, cafés and coffee shops, or indeed any situation where space is at a premium. Whether this is a built-in, wall-mounted or standalone unit, the new SelfCookingCenter XS grills, steams, pan-fry, gratinates and bakes all food gently and with perfect results. This will produce delicious snacks, take-away dishes and baked goods, as well as healthy lunchtime dishes.

The optional high-performance elegant circulating air hood matches any design and application to ensure visual integration. A full range of two thirds size cooking accessories provides optimal support for the preparation of all types of foods. These include:

  • grilling and pizza tray;
  •  cross and stripe grill grate for grilling vegetables, steaks or fish;
  •  roasting and baking trays for bread rolls, Danish pastries, pan-fried and breaded products;
  • Multibaker, ideal for fried eggs, omelettes and hash browns.

SelfCookingCenter XS Product Highlights

The energy-efficient triple-glazed door has a cutting edge heat reflective coating to significantly reduce energy losses. Energy consumption is up to 10% lower compared to the previous model – saving costs and the environment. For cleaning, the panels are easily opened and closed, effectively preventing the usual dulling in triple glazing.

The LED lighting integrated in the door along with the interior lighting provide food-safe and extensive illumination of the food, allowing kitchen staff to visually monitor the food during cooking, as well as being attractive and appealing to customers.

The start screen has been modified and with a faster CPU, the new generation SelfCookingCenter units are even easier to operate. When in iLevelControl mode, rack signalling triggers a blinking LED to signal which rack needs to be loaded or unloaded. This provides even more support for inexperienced kitchen staff to safely and quickly unload finished food.

For those interested in seeing the SelfCookingCenter XS for themselves contact RATIONAL UK by phoning 01582 480388 to enquire about dates of their free events or book directly on www.rational-online.com.

AC Services Southern’s View

Helen Hagger MD, AC Services Southern commented “As a RATIONAL Service Partner of many years, we look forward to helping install and service these smaller Rational ovens and the new generation of larger units.

From our clients across South West England and Southern Wales we know the SelfCookingCenter XS is precisely what is needed in kitchens and food preparation areas, where space is tight

Rational XS launch

Published Date: 6th September 2016
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