Rational Oven Repairs without a Service Contract

An oven breakdown in a professional kitchen can be costly, not just through immediate lost business, but through longer term damage to reputations too – especially if the breakdown happens in the middle of a function or a busy service. So, most kitchens minimise the risk by taking out maintenance contracts to ensure that their ovens are kept in top condition. But there are some situations, and some organisations, where a maintenance contract just doesn’t fit the bill.

The truth is that relying on an oven without a service contract is a bit like driving without a seatbelt. If you are going to do it, you’re probably better off in a Rolls Royce than a Fiat 500. While we would always argue that prevention is better than cure, if you do choose not to have your ovens regularly serviced, having a Rational oven is the next best step to keeping those risks under control.

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As the Rational Service Partner for the South and South West and South Wales, you would expect us to say that. But there is a good reason why we chose to work with Rational. We spent our first nine years from 1990 servicing and repairing all kinds of professional ovens and other catering equipment. But we soon realised that one manufacturer stood out. Not just because they had the best products and the best technology, but their quality was amazing too. So we decided to focus exclusively on Rational oven repair and maintenance.

The other good reason is that your first two years are covered by a generous warranty, so long as you have registered your oven with Rational UK. Then there’s Rational’s ServiceDiagnostic System which is built-in to all the latest SelfCookingCenter® Whitefficiency® ovens. This constantly monitors all critical components and will warn if things are going awry.


You can also manage your risk by making sure that any Rational oven repairs are carried out by a fully trained and authorised Rational Service Partner. Your local repair man may be a competent engineer but he won’t have the right tools, the right training or the right diagnostics to make a lasting job. We invest heavily to ensure that our engineers are trained by Rational and that they have all the right tools and spare parts needed. That way we can usually fix a problem first time – in fact our first-time-fix rate is around 95%. On top of that, replacement parts are guaranteed for a year.

And here’s another tip to help you avoid a kitchen melt-down. As any doctor will tell you, don’t leave it until it’s too late to call in the specialists. Most faults start by showing some symptoms. If it’s a recent oven it could be as obvious as a warning on the display panel or it could be a slight noise or unusual behaviour of some kind. That’s the time for a Rational oven repair, not when it’s developed into a full-blown and catastrophic failure. Very often, one of our qualified engineers can identify a failing part before it actually fails and replace it before it damages other components, or worse, your reputation.

So, if you are going to drive without a seatbelt, make sure you drive a Rational oven and that your Rational oven repairs are carried out by a qualified and authorised engineer.

Published Date: 19th November 2013
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