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It’s funny how our line of business, Rational oven servicing, takes us to the strangest places. We get to see some amazing kitchens from exotic Michelin starred restaurants to fast-food joints and every now and then, a glimpse of what goes on behind the bars of Her Majesty’s Prisons. But next week we find ourselves at a gathering of probably the most frequently criticised caterers in the country the folk who run our hospital kitchens.

The Hospital Caterers’ Association is holding its annual conference just down the M4 from us at the Celtic Manor Resort at Newport, Gwent this month and its theme is all about working together more creatively, cost effectively and more efficiently to meet the huge pressure to achieve efficiency savings and meet ever tighter budgetary restraints. And that’s without damaging the massive improvements they’ve made in the quality of hospital food over the past few years.

Save costs

And that’s where we come in. As oven servicing specialists, and in particular Rational oven servicing specialists, we know a thing or two about forward planning to save costs. Whether you are catering for a cafe or a hospital, costs will start to spiral out of control if your cooking equipment breaks down.

The best starting point is, of course, to have the best cooking equipment in the first place – and it doesn’t get any better than Rational’s amazing self cooking centres. Designed specifically for consistent production of food to the highest standards, these amazing ovens will roast, fry, grill, steam and bake shelf after shelf of perfectly cooked food, day in, day out. Exactly what the hospital doctor (and a few famous TV chefs) ordered.


Although, once programmed, a Rational oven will cook automatically and even clean itself on schedule, its makers strongly recommend an ongoing maintenance plan – a regular check-up by a qualified engineer who can diagnose the oven and replace key components before they fail. As the authorised Rational oven servicing agents for the South, South West and South Wales, we look after Rational ovens right across the region, including hospitals in Poole, Bristol and Carmarthen.

Our message to those gathering at the HCA Conference reflects the mantra preached by our wonderful National Health Service – prevention is better than cure.

Published Date: 8th April 2013
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