Rational Ovens’ Regional Development Chef

Tim Calvert Rational Ovens Regional Chef for SW EnglandTim Calvert thinks he has one of the best jobs in the world. As a former chef and now employed by Rational, Tim’s job is Regional Development Chef.

Basically, what this entails is roaming around the South West of England one day a week giving cookery demonstrations on his Rational SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses.

Tim visits four locations once a week: Gloucester, Bath, Bristol and Swindon (the latter two at the local football clubs) and shows his talents off to a diverse range of clients, from care home owners to restaurateurs to decision makers in schools. And he loves his job.

You wouldn’t buy a car unless you test drove it first, and the same should apply to a combi oven” he explains. “My job as a skilled and highly trained chef is to show what a Rational appliance is capable of, and in addition, the clients can relate to me as I have a catering background, just like them.”

Rational has a strict policy of employing only staff who have experience in a kitchen environment, allowing them to empathise with the customer and understand what kind of problems are faced, chef to chef. Tim believes that this is what elevates Rational Ovens above all other competitors.

Kitchen Experts

I began with Rational a year ago, and have been over to the manufacturing site in Germany to see exactly what goes into a Rational appliance,” continues Tim. “The company knows what challenges face those working in a kitchen environment, and liaising with chefs and those with a catering background means that solutions to unseen and unforeseen problems are integrated into the design.

Tim’s party piece is demonstrating how a full English breakfast can be cooked on a Rational oven in just seven minutes. Seven minutes to produce the perfect fry-up! “It’s because these appliances cook on average 30% faster than conventional ovens,” states Tim. “And that is nothing but good news for those who run a catering establishment.

Success Rate

And the roaming Regional Development Chef concept works! Tim is proud to confirm that 80% of those who attend his demonstrations go on to buy a Rational oven. That’s an impressive turnaround and one that Tim puts down to the reliability, engineering and capacity of the appliances.

Rational produces the SelfCookingCenter® range of ovens with advanced automatic programming software that are reliable, versatile, come with a two-year guarantee and have fully automated self cleaning. Tim works closely with the team at AC Services (Southern), who service and maintain Rational ovens and who are one of Rational’s top service partners with a customer service record that is the envy of the industry.

So if you are considering purchasing a new oven, get along to one of Tim Calvert’s demonstrations throughout the South West. Call AC Services (Southern) on 01454 322 222 to find out when he will be in your area, and see for yourself how a Rational appliance can benefit your business.

Published Date: 18th November 2014
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