Rational Ovens star at Caffè Culture Show

Caffe Culture reportRational ovens are starting to pop up in the most surprising places. Of course you’ll find them in professional kitchens serving up everything from pie and mash to perfectly cooked asparagus and peppered steaks – medium rare. But in a café bar? Lined up along the back wall with the Gaggias and the milk shake machines? Hardly the place for a full-on, fully automatic cooking centre. You’d think.

But if you took a trip down to London’s Olympia last week you’d have found that one of the busiest stands at the UK’s leading café bar trade show, Caffè Culture 2013, was the Rational oven stand. And the centre of attraction was Rational’s exciting SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® which has some vital statistics that make it a café natural.

Limp paninis

Running a successful café these days involves a lot more than just grinding beans and getting a good crema. Café success is as much about adding value to your coffee as it is about the bean itself; hence the growth of milkshakes, exotic teas, cakes and pastries. Oh yes, and those awful limp paninis.

This is where a Rational oven comes into its own, giving bar owners a powerful tool to add fast, high quality hot meals and snacks alongside their skinny lattes.

To start with, Rational ovens are compact and versatile, capable of turning their hand to a wide range of tasks in a small space. They can be programmed for set dishes while all other functions are removed from the display; and even if the oven is cooking multiple orders, it will adjust the cooking time for each shelf and even compensate every time the door is opened. In an industry where staff turnover can be high, features like these can reduce operator error dramatically.

Incredible technology

Then there’s the quality of the results. By using a combination of heat and super-heated steam where it’s needed, some incredible technology that weighs the food and adjusts the cooking conditions for each shelf independently, a Rational oven can produce Michelin Star quality food and do it consistently. They are fast too and will cook a full breakfast, including bacon, toast, eggs, sausages, hash browns, tomatoes and mushrooms, in just six minutes.

So, the next time you drop in to your local coffee shop – check out the hot food. If they’ve got a Rational oven lurking next to the Gaggia, you can be sure your paninis will be perfect.

Published Date: 20th May 2013
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