Shop Til You Drop Online, or Be Rational

Shopping onlineNow is the time of year when we will be looking to use the internet to its maximum potential, desperately sourcing ideas and buying gifts for relatives for Christmas.

Buying online is a luxury that we have only learnt to enjoy and use properly over the past decade, made possible by the technological advancement of the worldwide web.

For those who are looking to buy larger items, such as cars or commercial ovens, there are plenty of opportunities.

According to leading oven manufacturer, Rational,

the potential global market comprises more than 2.5 million professional kitchens, and this number is increasing.”

Think about all the possible outlets, from hospitals, schools, military facilities, prisons, fast-food chains, caterers . . . . . . the list is truly endless.

Easy as Pie

Needless to say, there’s more to buying an oven than meets the eye: there are so many different types of oven available, but the secret is quite simple. Think about what you offer in terms of menus and what type of cooking will be done in the kitchen. You have now already eliminated a number of options.

Now ask around. Visit other catering facilities similar to yours and simply ask. Or take yourself off to a trade fair or even a local demonstration, such as those offered in the South West and South England and South Wales by Rational.

Or if you don’t want to budge from your computer, check out the reviews of cooking appliances online. This is invaluable in gauging the suitability of a product. Study specification sheets  such as those found on the Rational site, which offer as much information as you are likely to need.

Always invest in something that you know will last. Of course there are times when items such as ovens will go wrong for no apparent reason and this is where Rational comes into its own. There is a reason why Rational holds a world market share of more than 54%: it’s not just because the appliance are some of the best on the commercial market, it is also because the company offers a support system that is unrivalled by competitors.

Partnering Co-operation

AC Services (Southern) has been a service partner for Rational for many decades and is used to being called out on emergencies or as part of a scheduled maintenance cycle. And that’s not all: we stock a full range of specially developed care products to ensure that caring for Rational ovens is even easier.

These include Rational Grill Cleaner, Rational Rinse Aid, Rational Oven Cleaning Tablets for the SCC (SelfCooking Center®) range with CareControl, Rational Care Tablets and accessories. And the great news from Rational having reviewed the packaging of the cleaning tablets, they are no longer classified as dangerous goods as in limited quantities. This means we can cut our delivery costs to just £12.50 from December 1st.

Whether you are looking for a brand new oven or just ordering cleaning products, online is the easy way to go. For ovens, AC Services would always recommend speaking to your area’s Rational Development Chef before purchasing online. But of course there’s a handy page for that too at Development Chef . For Rational cleaning products then simply visit the online store at AC Services These pages are not, however, recommended as suitable for hunting for Christmas gifts . . .

Published Date: 27th November 2014
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